Did you know PREM was not Sanjay Kapoor's debut film?

Sanjay Kapoor though has been a part of many movies, but he is widely known for his films RAJA and SIRF TUM. His onscreen chemistry with dhak dhak girl Madhuri Dixit in the song ‘Ankhiyaan Milaaon’ still forces one to tap the feet and murmur it and his another film SIRF TUM that starred Priya Gill is one of the best love story movies. The actor later than did not appear a lot on the big screen after playing a negative role in QAYAMAT. 

We aren’t aware of certain actors who have made debut as a child artist in the film industry. It is not easily identifiable sometimes to spot the same actor as a child artist in the film he must have played or at times the situation is reverse where we know an actor as a child artist but cannot realize the same person if he/ she makes a comeback as a hero or heroine. In a recent situation, Utkarsh Sharma who is playing the lead in GENIUS had played a son to Sunny Deol in famous film GADAR. It was a bit steely to identify him in a comeback film. 

Well, how many of us know that Sanjay Kapoor had made his debut as a child artist? Yes, he was 8 years old when he made his debut in the film SHEHZADA which was directed by his father Surinder Kapoor. Sanjay was lucky enough to share the screen space with superstar Rajesh Khanna and actress Rakhee. The actor today on his social media handle shared a short video from the 1972 released film where he is seen in a shot with Rakhee. Sanjay also in his caption shared a memory that Rajesh Khanna had taught him to whistle, which appears to be a sweet memory to be heard. Sanjay has rolled out one of his best memory and an identical film through his post.