Did you know who tattooed Yami's name on her arms!

Every celebrity has  millions of fans and within those they have those set of die hard fans across the globe who are always showering them with much love. Some fans just admire their idols and some go to the extreme levels showcasing their fondness and love for their favourite superstars. Bollywood celebrities are no exceptions coming across their fans in real and on various social platforms. Actress Yami Gautam who is currently begun promoting her latest film BATTI GUL METER CHALU has one such fan with whom she’s been in touch for years now. The fan by the name of Atul Sureka who hails from Kolkata was introduced to Yami through social media and met her when she was in Kolkata last year.
Atul is a corporate lawyer by profession and resides permanently in Kolkata. He has been Yami's fan since she started working in the entertainment business. Since then Atul has been following Yami on all social platforms, watched her each films multiple times. His fondness for Yami doesn't stops here, the young man even went to the extent of tattooing Yami's name on his left forearm. Normally people Tattoo the names of parents, friends, siblings, spouses, beloved showing solidarity into their relationship but a fan getting tattoo on them is quite a sweet gesture.


The first time Yami saw the tattoo when Atul tagged her on Twitter. After learning about her biggest Fan she ensured to meet him once she travels to Kolkata. She met Atul for the first time in Kolkata in February 2017 while promoting KAABIL. She was amazed to see her biggest fan in front of him. Since then Yami ensures whenever she visits Kolkata her team reaches out to Atul informing him about Yami's visit to Kolkata so that he can meet Yami.Yami said, \"He really came across as a genuine fan and so shy. When I met him he couldn’t even look up and talk much. The biggest quality in a fan has to be about love and respect and that's what I saw in him\".