Diljit Dosanjh makes a revelation!!

Biopics are the in thing in Bollywood and one certainly can’t get away with it,  there have been several biopics made on sports stars like Milka Singh, Mary Kim and many more. Sports films are one thing that has been Bollywood’s favourite.
Well, Sandeep Singh who is one of the youngest hockey player has a journey which will wrench your heart and motivate you. He is just 31 and he is one of the youngest sports star whose biopic is made in Bollywood.
SOORMA which stars Diljit Dosanjh, Angad Bedi, Taapsee Pannu will hit the screens on July 13.
While media witnessed a short clips of gruesome training of Taapsee and Diljit as Sandeep himself was seen coaching them.
During media interaction when asked Diljit who is a versatile singer, actor and now a hockey player if he ever felt pressurised playing a biopic on Sandeep and was it tough for him to play hockey to which he said, “ I wasn’t tensed or nervous I was calm and at ease as Sandeepji was there throughout and he guided so well, I have this gift that I can easily grasp things, when I would see Sandeep training me I would observe him. I was instantly watching his moves and be it actors or singer or anyone once I observe I understand it.”
As the story of Sandeep was shocking after he was shot at an unfaithful incident that took place few years back, Diljit wasn’t ready to take up the biopic as he was unsure about the subject and turned it down while he took it after hearing the story to which Diljit confirmed saying, “ Yes, it’s true I had said no to the biopic but I said it quite politely I came to the office to say no and then they narrated the story and I felt shameful and bad that I didn’t know about the incident and I agreed to do the biopic. Infact I was skeptical because there were so many hockey films that were being announced and then I heard the script I said yes instantly,
 it’s such a touching story. One can’t imagine how it feels to sit on a wheelchair and feel it, I was moved by the incident.”
On being asked if Dhyan Chand who is also one of the biggest hockey player in India, why wasn’t a biopic made on him to which Diljit said,” yes, a biopic on Dhyan Chand should have been made.” 
SOORMA will hit the screens on July 13, 2018.