Direct Dil Se with Prasoon Joshi - Part 3

Direct Dil Se with Prasoon Joshi - Part 3 news
Pankaj Sabnani By Pankaj Sabnani | 18 Sep 2013 14:28:22.9330000 IST

He's a songwriter, a scriptwriter and a dialogue writer. Oh, that's not all. He's also a CEO of an Ad agency. We're taking about the multi-faceted Prasoon Joshi, who's celebrating his birthday today. In this heart-to-heart Part 3 (Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here) conversation, he talks about his life, work, why creativity is a bane, why he believes that planning makes one arrogant and much more. Read on. This interview can change the way you look at life...


'I find planning very arrogant'
I never plan. I never thought that one day I'll be a CEO of an ad agency. When I joined an ad agency, I never thought I want to run a company. Today I'm running a company. I never chartered this path. I do things as and when they happen. You should be in sync with the rhythm of things which happen around you. I find planning very arrogant. I feel that if a person doesn't know whether he'll survive in the next moment or not, how can he plan for the next ten years? How can one think that everything is in his/her hands? There are so many variables in life. So when things are not under your control, you can only do a little bit and do justice to whatever is happening around you. Of, course you should plan for your company. That is something you plan irrespective of you being there or not. But if you plan for yourself then probably you are becoming too arrogant. At least I don't do that. I don't feel comfortable in planning too much.

Living for the moment
I believe in living for the moment. Believe me, it's very difficult but that's all you can do. We both are talking right now. I can only make sure that I am having a good conversation with you. That's all I do. Then the next person who comes to meet me, I will try to do justice to him/her.

'I might produce as well'
There's only one film which I have accepted. It's called MARGARITA WITH A STRAW. It's a film by a very talented directed who made AMU earlier. Her name is Shonali Bose. I've already started writing songs for it. Kalki Koechlin has a very important role in that film. For now, I've only accepted that. I'm also working on a couple of scripts. I might produce as well. There are things on the cards. A lot of people have approached me with writing offers. I'm working on something which you'll come to know soon.

'Scripts stand in a corner somewhere'
We definitely lack good quality scripts. We don't talk about scripts. They scripts stand in a corner somewhere. People don't want to know who the scriptwriter is. Writing is a murmur art. Most people don't give importance to song lyrics. But I'm lucky that people come to me because of my work and my craft. People listen to a song or watch a film in which I have contributed something. People recognize me and love my work. That makes me happy.

So I feel that scriptwriters need to be pushed a lot more. That's the reason I talk about scriptwriting. I feel it's my responsibility. I feel the upcoming generation of scriptwriters should get the right platforms. Writing can make a huge difference in certain films. So it should be given importance. That is needed. Otherwise you won't get people who want to write scripts. If they feel that they won't get money and their due credit, they won't go for it. And then you won't get good films.

'I don't think about my best or worst work'
I don't think about my best or worst work. I had written a song called Bolo Na for the film, CHITTAGONG. The song got lost somewhere. Around eight months later, I got a call saying that the song is winning a National Award. So at that moment I felt that this song should've been heard more by people. This made me sad. There are some beautiful songs. There was one more song that I wrote for PHIR MILENGE called Khulke Muskurale. The fact that it didn't become popular makes me sad. Even 'Dil Gira Kahin Dafatan' from DELHI 6 didn't become as popular as 'Masakali'.

Main phal ki chinta karta nahin jyada

Main phal ki chinta karta nahin jyada. I don't believe in being happy or unhappy. I believe in justice and injustice. Whether you are doing your work properly or not. You can't change your talents. You can't change the way you've been made. You've been designed already. Find satisfaction in what you're doing. If you judge yourself by the parameters of others, you'll never be happy. Don't think about what you could've done; think about what you can do. Try to do good work and don't make others unhappy. Try to make them happy. I try to do that in ads also. My Coke ad says 'Kisi ko khush karna, kiskiko smile dena, agar yeh sab crazy hai to haan main crazy hoon'. So be crazy and spread happiness. That's all you can do. Don't overestimate yourself. It's not in your control. You're not God.

'I'm a gadget freak'
Not many people might be knowing that I'm a gadget freak. I follow new gadgets and keep myself updated on the technology. I bond with my daughter because of technology. We both try to outdo each other when it comes to technology. It's great fun. There's a childlike excitement in me because of technology. I'm also fond of toys.

'Don't let the child in you die'
Don't let the child in you die. If he's alive then you can go through the worst of times. You should also play with kids and think like them. If you do that, you will find life very beautiful.

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