Director Abbas-Mustan: Mustafa wasn't the choice for MACHINE

Director Abbas-Mustan: Mustafa wasn't the choice for MACHINE news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 17 Mar 2017 15:47:16.5500000 IST

Abbas- Mustan has given the industry some remarkable thrillers like RACE, BAAZIGAR, RACE 2, KHILADI. Their last film was a comedy film KIS KISKO PYAAR KAROON with Kapil Sharma, however it tanked at BO. Now the incredible duo has launched their son-nephew Mustafa, son of Abbas, in the film MACHINE.


In conversation with Abbas and Mustan as they speak about casting Mustafa, make him give auditions for the film and finally about their future projects.

On being asked if MACHINE was made to give Mustafa a grand launch, Mustan said, “Honestly he wasn’t the choice of the film. We had called him in the office to narrate the story and the way he narrated the story we thought of casting him but we didn’t tell him that we have locked him. The next day we called Mustafa for audition and he nailed it. And then we told him, that he is in for a film. We didn’t want to cast our son just because he is our son we wanted to check if he suits the role. Post that we casted Kiara Advani as we wanted a girl who is young, fresh and matched Mustafa. We didn’t audition Kiara as we had already seen her body of work.”

Furthermore when we quizzed Abbas, if they will forever work on thrillers or they want to explore any other genre as well, he said, “We certainly decide a script on various things. For instance, we made a comedy film for Kapil Sharma.  We like making thriller but my dream is to make a sci-fi film. We haven’t written anything as of now, but will soon pen it.”

As Mustafa is their son when asked if Abbas and Mustan would guide Mustafa in future projects to which daddy Abbas said, “We wouldn’t interfere in Mustafa’s career he is free to do whatever he wishes too.”

MACHINE releases worldwide on March 17, 2017, here’s wishing the team all the very best!