Disha Patani & Tiger Shroff both express their love on social media!

It’s that time of the year again when Instagram is full of Valentine’s Day photos. But two pictures in particular took social media by storm today.

Bollywood’s favorite stars of the new generation, Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff took to Instagram to share pictures of their rings. Disha captioned hers’ ‘Someone popped the question, and I said yes’, while Tiger’s post had the caption ‘Turns out I’m taken’. 

The Valentine’s Day posts soon got a #PlotTwist with both of them revealing the identity of their true love - beverage brand PEPSI®. Disha declared her love for the brand through a post which said “I’m all yours”, while Tiger confessed he couldn’t get enough of the brand’s swag. 

Disha Patani said, “Since college, Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favourite occasions to celebrate with my loved ones. I remember I would always plan to do something different every year, whether a movie or going out with family. This year, I’m dedicating Valentine’s Day to my one true love through the years, Pepsi. It has always been such an iconic and fun brand and I'm very excited to be with the brand.” 

Tiger Shroff’s Valentine’s Day celebrations used to be slightly different. He said, “I’ve always been a little reserved and Valentine’s Day for me during my college years was quite uneventful. I never did anything special and it used to be like any other day. However, ever since I began my career, my fans have showered me with so much love and leave me so many messages on the day that it has started to have more meaning. This year I thought I should also make the most of the day. Pepsi has been that one constant for me over the years and there was no better day to declare my love for it than Valentine’s Day. I’m very excited to be with the brand.”

Disha Patani

Hey @PepsiIndia, I’m all yours 

Tiger Shroff

In a committed relationship with #Pepsi

Disha Patani

Someone popped the question, and I said yes...

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Turns out I’m taken. 😍😉

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Tiger Shroff

Turns out I’m taken