Disney not closing production in India

Disney not closing production in India news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 27 Apr 2017 11:03:01.5300000 IST

Andy Bird chairman of Walt Disney International has assured that Disney is not closing local content production in India, despite a decision last year to close its film content production.

Speaking recently at the Asia Pacific Video Operators Summit (APOS) convention in Indonesia, Andy was reportedly quoted saying to Variety that his decision to close down Disney’s Indian film production operations last year has been misunderstood by the industry. The decision was taken in November last year, at a time when the company’s in-house developed DANGAL was breaking box office records.

The British born film producer and Chairman of Walt Disney International has reportedly cleared his stand and has been quoted saying, “It was misinterpreted that we were giving up on local production.” Bird also added that the company has a slate of 12 products in development.

 It was last year reported that Disney is shutting its production activities in India and DANGAL will be their last production.

Expressing his never ending excitement about the prospects from the Indian market, Bird has reportedly emphasised on the company’s vision in expanding bandwidth and mobile access mean that Disney is more able to experiment with new business models.

Bird said that Asia continues to represent some of the fastest growth rates in the world for Disney, while also being at the cutting edge of the analog to digital transformation. (In two to three years) we expect to be a digitally focused, mobile first, multi-faceted company he has added.