Divya Khosla Kumar: Bhushan Kumar was not confident about YAARIYAN initially

Divya Khosla Kumar and Bhushan Kumar

While one may deem that for Divya Khosla Kumar, wife of T-series head honcho Bhushan Kumar, who is making her debut with YAARIYAN, it must have been a cakewalk to foray into direction, as she hails from the family of most respectable & reputed banner, it wasn't a rosy picture or a smooth journey. On the contrary, Divya had to convince & please hard her producer husband. Believe it or not, Bhushan okayed Divya's script after rejecting three drafts.

When asked if it was easy for her to direct under her producer husband's banner, she replied without batting an eyelid, ''It was definitely not easy. It was tough, on the contrary, because he is a very successful producer as you know and for him reputation of T-series is very important also because it's his father's company and he is emotionally attached to it. So just at the saying of his wife ki muje ek film banani hai (that I want to direct a film) he won't let me do the film like that. He can't play with the reputation of the banner. So I had to struggle a lot to prove myself.''

She added in the same breath, ''To begin with, I learnt each step of filmmaking. I started learning cinematography first then editing then making short films. After that I directed as good as 20 music videos and finally worked on my script. I went to Bhushan with three scripts but he bluntly rejected it. Finally, he accepted my fourth script, so it was a long long journey. I don't think he easily accepted it. In fact he was not even very confident but it's only now when the response to YAARIYAN has been superb and amazing he is feeling very proud and happy. And I am happy that he is happy and that I could live up to his expectations.''

Since YAARIYAN is a T-series production, who gave year 2013's biggest hit and grosser AASHIQUI 2 and the makers are also not stepping behind in promoting it using AASHIQUI's name, we couldn't resist to ask Bhushan Kumar, if YAARIYAN breaks AASHIQUI 2 record then would he sign multiple-films deal with wife and he replies candidly, ''Deal already kar chuke hai. She is also the producer of the film and I am sure this film will do good business. If it breaks AASHIQUI 2 record it will be a proud moment for us. AASHIQUI is our biggest film and I dearly wish YAARIYAN too does it.''

YAARIYAN trailer was launched by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt at an event held today.

The film is a contemporary young film that takes audiences through the trials and tribulations of the best years of their life. You+ Me = YAARIYAN comes to a theater near you on 31st January 14.