Diya Mirza now spelled Dia!

Please make a note of this now - the cute looking Diya Mirza now wants us to spell her spelling as DIA! So, does numerology strike back? Well, not exactly, as her original name is Dia but it was printed as Diya on the passport and it could not be changed. So our girl continued using that name printed in the passport and one fine day she wakes up and realizes that her original name was more lucky for her. Men are they not right when they call her 'dumb n cute.' Meanwhile on professional front, her kitty is full of films and offers. Her forthcoming film Sambhav is complete. She is also working on Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai, which will be completed in December. Then there is Neeraj Vora's Dil Saccha Chehra Jhutha and Padam Kumar's 35 MM.

Diya Mirza Wallpapers