Dj Khushi makes rocking '<i>Chammak Challo </i>Remix' for SRK

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 18 Oct 2011 19:05:26.2030000 IST

Indians still don't really recognise a DJ as a respectable profession; some people even call them an orchestra-wala. But with the grand success of the remixed version of 'Chammak Challo...' from Shahrukh Khan Starrer RA.ONE, DJ Khushi Soni is driving all the music-lovers crazy. The remixed song 'Chammak Chalo' was launched by SRK at the music launch of RA.ONE at Film City last month. Since then, the song is being played everywhere and hitting the popularity charts and Khushi, the 26-year-old DJ from Delhi can only count his blessings. The remix is a club mix keeping in mind that it has to compliment the original score, which was already a big hit. While making the remix I kept in mind not just the Indian audience but also the international markets as Akon has a huge international fan following. The remix has more beats with electro sounds, has Indian sounds like a Dholki and vocal-effects used to make it sound groovy.


DJ Khushi shares his experience saying, ''Remixing Chammak Challo was not just an amazing and an exciting experience but it also came with a lot of responsibility to make a track that compliments the song as it was already a very big hit even before the release. The song is sung by Akon and music composed by Vishal Shekhar, so my contribution had to match their stature. Also, I have to make the remixed song not only for the Indian audience but for the International market as well. I was a little nervous but Shah Rukh Khan asked me to make the remix. I worked on it and got back to him with the demo. He liked it and asked me to continue and the result is a big success. So, it was because of his support that I got all through this.''

Narrating on this opportunity, Khushi reveals that he was referred to SRK by the Moranis for remixing this song. SRK liked the idea but clearly mentioned that he would release it on the basis of the merit. Khushi grabbed the opportunity and made a demo and then it was sent to SRK. He loved it and told him to complete the track ASAP so that it could be released on the CD. The remixed version is part of the original CD as an official remix for 'Chammak Challo...' and was launched at RA.ONE's music release. Not only did SRK like the song and include it in the music CD of RA.ONE, but Red Chillies, Khan's production house, also created a video for the remixed version and uploaded it on YouTube. The video contains shots from the original song, with the remix as the background score. Within the first couple of days, the video received more than 4 lakh views from social networking sites.

''At the start I wanted to be a DJ in order to be cool. But now, it is my work and I take it seriously. As a DJ one has to be technically and musically sound. You should have knowledge about the latest software and technologies. And above all, you should be a good observer. You need to understand the people you are playing for,'' sums up Khushi.