DJ Shaan's upcoming song deals with India's rape culture

DJ Shaan (Pic. Courtesy: Justdial)

DJ Shaan and rapper SlowCheeta have joined forces for a song that has a "lot to do" with the rape culture in India.

"I discovered SlowCheeta in a YouTube video, rapping with (actor) Ranveer Singh. I instantly knew that I needed him for the album, but eventually it skipped my mind until I saw a video of him on Instagram and quickly connected with him. We met one day and just clicked like we knew each other since ages," Shaan said in a statement.

"My track with SlowCheeta has a lot to do with the rape culture in India and a speech on what we aren't doing about it," he added.

He has also collaborated with rapper Sense for two songs, which are part of the album dedicated to India.

"The story behind Sense has a lot to do with a random morning where some of us were discussing the rap culture and these so called ‘Dharavi rappers'. So I decided to YouTube them and came across a video of Sense rapping. I searched for three to four videos to find their names and eventually when I did, I added them on Facebook and we 'connected'," said Shaan.