Do you know Suchitra Sen was declined Award for AANDHI?

Do you know Suchitra Sen was declined Award for AANDHI? news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 31 Dec 2013 19:15:23.3800000 IST

Yesteryear actress Suchitra Sen, battling with her life after complains of breathlessness and palpitation, is now reportedly stable. Glamsham.Com prays for early recovery and shares an interesting anecdote related to her power-packed performance in Gulzar's hit movie AANDHI.


Though Suchitra Sen has done many significant movies in Bengal cinema and has been awarded Banga Bibhushan Award for Lifetime Achievement in Film acting and even won the country's most reverent Dada Saheb Phalke Award (which she declined to accept due to health reasons), it is her exceptional performance in Gulzar's AANDHI that has made her immortal in the annals of Indian Cinema.

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Besides winning high accolades both from hardcore film critics and her fans, Suchitra Sen's performance was widely appreciated in the film fraternity too. It's reported once actor Sanjeev Kumar, who was the lead hero in AANDHI, invited veteran actor Ashok Kumar to watch the movie at a special screening to get his reaction. After watching the movie, an eager Sanjeev Kumar asked Ashok Kumar his reaction. Ashok Kumar was mesmerized by the movie, more particularly; the outstanding performance of Suchitra Sen had an intoxicating effect on Ashok Kumar. Hence when Sanjeev Kumar asked, ''Dadamoni (Ashok Kumar affectionately called) kaise lagi picture?'' Ashok Kumar said, ''I have never seen a performance as splendid as Suchitra Sen in this movie.'' He continued, ''She has left me speechless.... but Haribhai (Sanjeev Kumar affectionately called) I must congratulate you too to have withstood so strongly in front of her commanding performance.''

Sanjeev Kumar nodded in affirmation as he too was in awe of Suchitra Sen's mind-blowing performance in the movie! However what was most disturbing is that despite such extraordinary performance Filmfare Awards just nominated her in the Best Actress category and instead gave the coveted award to Lakshmi for JULIE.