Do you stand by Akshay Kumar's initiative for Indian soldiers on Republic Day?

Do you stand by Akshay Kumar's initiative for Indian soldiers on Republic Day? news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 25 Jan 2017 14:02:08.0370000 IST

Akshay Kumar never fails to post or talk about special causes and issues.

One simply can’t forget the video he shared saluting the police officers who risk their lives, saving thousands of commuters travelling by train.

Post which he also shot a video speaking about women rights pertaining to Bangalore molestation for which Akshay Kumar was slammed by haters for talking about women’s rights as he himself makes fun of them in the movie.

Last evening, JOLLY LLB 2 star Akshay Kumar yet again posted a video on his social media profile (as a tribute to martyrs on Republic Day) wherein he initially talked about the response on his last video on mass-molestation incident in Bengaluru.  He went on and thanked his fans for the support that they showed towards his last update, and declared to his critics that he will keep posting such videos when certain events move him to do so.

Post which Akshay showed his concern towards Indian soldiers’ plight and urged every Indian to help him out in his new initiative. He said he wants to start a website or a mobile app to assist army servicemen financially and also asked for the feedback on his new thought ‘Direct Dil Se’.

Akshay Kumar said, “This website will host a list of the names of the martyrs, along with their bank account numbers. If you want to help that jawan financially, you can directly make a contribution into their accounts. That account number will be deleted once the total deposited money accounts to Rs. 15 lakh. By this, family members of the slain soldiers can directly use that money.”

Below is the video by Akshay Kumar.

We stand by Akshay Kumar do you?