DOUBLE DHAMAAL, a bigger and better DHAMAAL!

S Abid By S Abid | 07 Jun 2011 14:50:21.0600000 IST

Just like in Hollywood, sequels to big blockbuster hits have acquired brand status in Bollywood too. DHOOM, GOLMAAL and HERA PHERI are a few brands that the audiences have accepted with arms wide open. And with the tremendous response to the teasers and trailers of Indra Kumar's DOUBLE DHAMAAL, a sequel to his runaway hit, DHAMAAL, it's quite apparent that soon DHAMAAL too will acquire a brand status.

view DOUBLE DHAMAAL videos
view DOUBLE DHAMAAL videos

The reasons for the above can be attributed to three important factors. First of all, the film which has been co-produced by corporate house, Reliance Entertainment, is definitely looking much bigger as its canvas appears quite large. Unlike the original, DOUBLE DHAMAAL has been shot at exotic locales like the Victoria Harbour in the Pearl of the East Hong Kong and the ancient casino city of Macau. Secondly, the glamour quotient (which was sorely missing in the original) finds place here as glamorous heroines like Kangana Ranaut, Mallika Sherawat are scorching the screens with their hot looks. And last but not the least, the jokes and the gags are definitely of a much better quality (taking nothing away from the original) as is evident from the dialogue promos.

Well, keeping the above factors in mind we have high hopes from DOUBLE DHAMAAL, now that Salman's READY has hit the bull's eye!