Dr. Zeus: The shelf life of my music hasn’t gone!

Dr. Zeus, famous DJ and rapper, is a Punjabi singer and music producer. He rose to fame in 2003 with his song ‘Kangna’, his other hits are ‘Rough’ and ‘Jugni Ji’. He has worked with Kanika Kapoor, Jaz Dhami and many more.

In fact, Punjabi music composer Dr. Zeus also created music for 'Baby Doll' from RAGINI MMS and ‘Kamlee’ from HAPPY NEW YEAR, and singer Zora Randhawa.

Dr. Zeus collaborates with Snoop Doog and Nargis Fakri for his latest Punjabi party number ‘Woofer’.

In an exclusive conversation with Dr. Zeus he talks in length about his projects, who inspired him to take up music, latest song ‘Woofer’ and what next!

Here are the excerpts:

After KIS KISKO PYAAR KAROON, what’s your next Bollywood project?
Don’t know yet. I have just come from UK recently. I have things in pipeline and have some 20 odd types of songs hoping to fit them somewhere.

What inspired you to become a film producer?
I’m not a film producer, I compose music and it’s a fun to create music for me.

The shelf life of songs has reduced tremendously. Please comment.
Not Mine. I think that there are so many artists and musicians who have access to stuff and everybody is creating music and it’s time to make people realize that what they are listening to needs lot of filtration to bring out great music that sustains.

What’s the future of hip-hop music?
I think hip hop is still to reach his full potential in reference to India, that will gradually become like pop I think.

Tell us about your collaboration with Snoop Dogg
This is my first song from the album Global Injection. I am trying to create a movement that is to make our Indian culture and our languages popular outside India and that could only happen if we have a renowned international artist on board, and like Snoop Dogg who's a legend and has his fan base and music lovers around the globe and thus we roped him in so that it would impact people to take this movement seriously.

Which other international artists would you love to team up with?
Oh! There are few like M&M, Dr. Dre, 50 cent, Sean Paul, Pitbull whom I would like to collaborate with.

What next after this album?
After this album I will be doing main stream work taking Indian languages global and also some Bollywood work as well as keeping up with my Punjabi work and not letting down my Punjabi fan-base in North India

Which hip hop artist is your favourite?
My favorite artist was Tupac Shakur who is no more. I listened to his music in my youth days and his music was very poetic and had ghettos, while todays music rap is about being cool, but Tupac was talking about the government and many contemporary subjects.

If you had to compose and perform a song from a different genre which music would that be!
I would try my hands on melodic rock music. The kind it’s done in India with all the bands and stuff. Bands here have rock kind of songs that are Indian and still melodic.
Who was your inspiration for music?
There are lots of people like Dr. Dre, RD Burman, Laxmikant Piyarelal, Teddy Riley, Ryan Leslie

Any song that you would want to recreate?
I want to recreate ‘California love’ by Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur.