Dwayne Johnson slays the Santa Claus look on magazine cover

You have mostly seen Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock in powerful action-roles but now you can see him as the dreamy Santa Claus who is spreading holiday cheer as the star of Entertainment Weekly’s new cover.
Having a reputation of Hollywood’s happiest and hardest-working leading man, Dwayne Johnson will next be seen on the big screen in the action-comedy JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.
Johnson stars as the heroic adventurer Dr. Smolder Bravestone more specifically, as a nerdy teenager named Spencer who’s been sucked into the jungle world of Jumanji and trapped in Smolder Bravestone’s body. In the film Dwayne gets to punch some bad guys, but he also has to lead his classmates (who are trapped in the bodies of Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black) through the jungle, all while trying not to break down in tears.
In the brand new adventure JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE the tables are turned as four teenagers in detention are sucked into the world of Jumanji. When they discover an old video game console with a game they’ve never heard of, they are immediately thrust into the game’s jungle setting, into the bodies of their avatars, played by Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan. What they discover is that you don’t just play Jumanji –Jumanji plays you. They’ll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, or they’ll be stuck in the game forever?
In order to find the answer you will have to wait for the release of JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE which is releasing on December 29, which is right around the Christmas.
Have a look of Dwayne featuring on the magazine cover as Santa Claus and also his look from the film. 
Dwayne on the cover of Entertainment Weekly