Eddie Marsan loves to play difficult characters

Eddie Marsan (Pi

"Ray Donovan" star Eddie Marsan says he loves to play characters which are going through incredible difficulties.

"I love to play characters who are going through incredible difficulties but can't articulate it. That is a fascinating thing for an actor to do," Marson told IANS.

And that is the thing that attracted him towards "Ray Donovan", which is aired in India on AXN. The crime drama follows life by Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) who works for a powerful law firm as a "fixer" representing the rich and famous. Marsan essays role of his brother Terry.

"What was fascinating for me as an actor was to be part of the family that has gone through an incredible trauma and they couldn't articulate it. They dealt with the trauma in a very dysfunctional ways," he said.

Marson is very proud of the show.

"I am very proud of the people with whom I make the show with --the cast, the crew and the writing team. They are very much like a family to me. It it is great writing, very addictive television. It is well-structured and well-crafted."