Ekta Kapoor’s Apharan is full of suspense, humor, drama and keeps you hooked

Ekta Kapoor’s OTT platform Alt Balaji never fails to churns out some break through content on web.

Some of their recent shows like broken but beautiful, The Test case, Bose and many more have been loved by people.

And ever since the trailer of Alt Balaji’s next Apharan was released everyone waited with baithed breath for the series to go live and 14 December was the day when it happened and I just couldn’t help binge watching all the 12 episodes at one go.

Action, Drama, Emotions & Mystery… ALTBalaji’s upcoming series Apharan has been everything that you need for a suspense thriller.

Capturing the entire magic of Bollywood’s 70’s masala entertainment, this thriller drama with epic one-liners and outstanding performances has left the audience spell bound.

There are many web shows and several OTT platforms but Apharan is by far the best show I have ever watched on web.


The locations are extremely real and goes with the plot, the show is largely shot in Rishikesh, Varanasi, prime locations of Laxman Jhula and more.

The backdrop of the show is based on a cop (Arunoday Singh) from Ghaziabad who lands himself in a situation where he is desperate not only for money, but to fight for his one true love, his wife (Nidhi Singh), he lands himself in trouble for being an honest officer and in a ruckus kills politician’s son and is imprisoned for 3 years, to manage the household expenses his wife sleeps with her boss Dubeyji (Saanand Verma) and this doesn’t go down well with Rudra.

To get her out of the mess Rudra lands in trouble all the more as he takes up an abduction case of much renowned politician’s daughter and lands in comedy of errors.

Mahie Gill plays the one who leads the kidnapping and tells Rudra to do so.. Varun Badola as Laxman is the Chief of security as he has been serving security guards for Anu, daughter of politician.

While Mahie Gill plays the foster mom to Anu. With loads of twists and turns and nail biting moments the show is high of drama, content, humour and the songs aha! There are mind blowing and situational. You will surely relate to it every now and then, the classic cult songs are situational and will blow your mind. There is twist in every episode and the dialogues that Rudra mouths will make you LOL just now and then.
Varun Badola has written the dialogues of the film and you will surely love each frame of the dialogue.

In this fight for survival, he has to navigate his way through a kidnapping which evolves into an unknowing murder. The series takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned to investigate his own crime.

The power-packed series comprises a stellar star cast with renowned actor Arunoday Singh essaying the role of a top cop Rudra. A sharp officer who is a specialist in kidnapping cases. He is sharp, witty, charming and his kismet is what you will relate too, his cuss words are situational and he dons the role perfectly and takes the wed show on his shoulder.

Nidhi Singh perfectly portrays the character of cop Rudra’s wife, Ranjana. A rustic, raw, middle-class girl who thought he dreams have come true when she got married to the handsome officer, she is one character who actor and reacts the way every wife would, she is sweet, relatable and ever supporting of her husband.

Every cast in the show has a significant role to essay. Be it Madhu, Anu or the Sadu from Rishikesh who make you laugh even in the most intense scene.


The show is out and out suspense, with cuss words, sex, and full of reality that surrounds norther political arena and gunda gardi. Apharan has raised the bar for web shows and you simply can’t stop binge watching 12 episodes on ALTBalaji.