Alt Balaji’s Gandii Baat season 2 is steamy, sensuous and will make you awestruck!

This year 2019 was welcomed with a dash of sensuality and oomphness. As the makers of Alt Balaji unveiled the season 2 of Gandii Baat season 2.
Ekta Kapoor’s next ‘Gandii Baat’ Season 2 has four short stories of about 50 minutes each, and it attempts to give us a glimpse of the sexual taboos faced by women in villages. The tagline ‘Naya Saal Naya Maal’ says it all and it keeps you hooked throughout.  The first two episode talks about a lesbian affair, the show explores homosexuality in its first two episodes. Titled ‘Bai Sexual ‘and ‘Judai Mahal’, the episodes features a budding romance between two women. But instead of showcasing a progressive story line, the homosexuality thread seems to be forced into the script.

Let's talk about the first episode.

Vaibhav, one of the protagonists, has sexual relations with his wife Neeta and domestic help Sajili. Then he has a child with both of them. By the way, the children are named Karan and Arjun, its high on sexual content and also very real as we often come across such instances on rural areas. Moving further, Neeta comes to know about her husband’s affair and confronts Sajili about it. This is where the narrative sheds all logic and emotions. Instead of fighting or arguing, Neeta and Sajili start making out. This is where we get to know that there is lesbian thing prevalent in person and it has nothing to do with urban or rural population.

The show revolves around women and how they are treated in rural areas, how they objectify women.

The episode revolves around the problems a woman has to face because of her small breasts. And that’s true to an extent as many women feel shy and some too feel ashamed for having small breast, although it’s a natural thing. Like in urban areas there are ways and means to enhance breasts be it artificially or other operational means.

The next episode talks about Swayamwar with a twist, which has some shocking things that you have never imagined ever in life.

And the season finale of Gandii Bath 2  ‘Love, Sex and Betrayal’ introduces us to a rather unique ritual at a village. Here, the sarpanch gives unmarried women a chance to sleep with another man for two days to check their sexual chemistry. The woman chooses by picking up a comb of his name from an earthen pot. At the end of the time given, if the woman is sexually satisfied, the two get married. These unusual yet real stories may have occurred but this just gives us in insight to the relatives that happen in rural areas which we aren’t really aware off.

Talking about the content it’s full of love, lust, sexuality and its bold.

The story is short yet gripping. While Flora Saini is indeed a surprise package playing a lesbian character. The cinematography and to the point story line is engaging and it’s indeed a must watch.  Although people on social media have said that it’s soft porn and many more things, but as Ekta Kapoor has said, “Dekte sab hai bolta koi nai.” 

People do see but don’t want to openly express. Indeed a must watch at least once! Kudos to the team!

Gandii baat season 2

Gandii Baat season 2 trailer