NCPA theatre season culminates with a children’s production from Australia this January!

Emil and the Detectives

After two successful in-house productions, a love story spread across multiple universes and a Shakespeare poem adapted for stage, the NCPA Theatre Season now presents Australian production, Emil and the Detectives, a play for audiences of all ages.

NCPA chairman Mr. Khushroo Suntook says “Emil and the Detectives is a wonderful pick to conclude our Theatre Season. The play is sure to entertain and educate children about how to work independently, correct their errors and find solutions. By collaborating with the Australian Festival, the NCPA has managed to bring down this engaging play that will be enjoyed by all.”

Andy Parker who has directed the adaptation by Nicki Bloom says, “Emil is a delightful, beautifully written and optimistic story. It’s a journey of discovery and self-discovery, the value of friendships and learning about trust and taking risks.”

Never underestimate the determination of a child! Young Emil catches a train to visit her family in the big city. Something valuable is stolen. But the thief soon discovers Emil was not such an easy target. A group of quick-thinking and resourceful children rallies around. Can a bunch of kids work together to uncover and outsmart the true criminal?

Kästner’s 1929 novella is more than a ‘good romp’, it broke ground for the independent-children-versus-devious-adults story genre. Streetwise city kids, a hard-working single mother and Emil’s past brush with the law add grit and nuance to this satisfying tale.

How do we find our friends in the world? How do we work together to defeat tricksters?

In Slingsby’s signature intimate theatrical style, Emil and The Detectives is told by two skilled actors immersed in smoke and mirrors, miniature worlds and a cinematic score. Dark and light, intrigue and delight for audiences aged six and upwards.

Directed by Andy Packer, Emil and the Detectives, an NCPA Presentation in collaboration with the Australia Fest, Emil and the Detectives will be staged on the 19th and the 20th of January at Experimental Theatre, NCPA at 12.00 pm, 4.00 pm & 7.00 pm