Emily fighting Hollywood's gender pay gap

British actress Emily Blunt waves at the Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian, northern Spain, 18 September 2015. Blunt will present her movie SICARIO (Hitman) at the 63rd San Sebastian International Film Festival that runs from 18 to 26 September 2016.

Actress Emily Blunt says she takes "aggressive action" to fight Hollywood's gender pay gap.

"I took it on as my personal responsibility to make sure that I don't feel shortchanged or less than... Especially in this new climate, I think that it's okay to reclaim the words ‘making an aggressive deal' as a positive," vanityfair.com quoted Blunt as saying.

She added: "Usually, people are making so much money off your back that it comes down to a sort of justice thing for me. I make it a point to not be too concerned with ‘I hope they think I'm a team player'. The people who are calling and making the deals are business affairs. It's not the producer.

"It's people who are billed to f**k you up. To shortchange you... In a way, because we are inundated with those types of stories now, it has created a much safer climate to ask for what you want."

She is known for THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, INTO THE WOODS, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and EDGE OF TOMORROW. The star lives in Brooklyn, New York, with husband and actor John Krasinski and their daughters Hazel and Violet.