Emraan Hashmi- Dilli's new <i>dhadkan</i>

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 15 Oct 2011 18:49:33.0900000 IST

To measure an actor's popularity one does not need a popularity check meter. Especially in the case of an actor like Emraan Hashmi, the fans make it a point to tell with their presence what the actor means to them. This is exactly what happened in Delhi recently when Emraan was shooting for the movie JANNAT 2. It seemed like the whole of the capital was out and about just to get a glimpse of their favourite actor. 'His popularity has gone up many folds after MURDER-2. What we have witnessed in Delhi is one example of that very fact,' says filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt.


The popularity has gone up so much that logistically it has become a nightmare of sorts to shoot even a scene in the outdoors with Emraan, without a delay. The shoot of a sequence that used to finish in a day's time, now takes at least three days to finish because a lot of time goes in managing the crowd. 'He is like a silent storm. When you take an elephant to Delhi you can't expect not to have crowd waiting to watch it. The same way, you can't expect not to have a crowd when Emraan is on the streets shooting,' says Bhatt.

Emraan will be shooting in Delhi for a month for JANNAT-2. The movie is being directed by Kunal Deshmukh. He had also directed the 2008's hit JANNAT. Previously this movie was titled INFORMER. Emraan plays the role of an informer in this movie.