Emraan Hashmi: Kay Kay Menon is no less than a '<i>gunda</i>'

Emraan Hashmi: Kay Kay Menon is no less than a 'gunda' news
Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 23 Aug 2014 08:47:36.5870000 IST

When it comes to Emraan Hashmi and Kay Kay Menon, there is one specific trait each which has seldom left their side. Emraan has time and again been accepted in a naughty-n-mischievous role. On the other hand Kay Kay has always reveled whenever required to play a real character with understated energy in a subtle portrayal.

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It is these very traits that have been utilized best by Kunal Deshmukh in RAJA NATWARLAL.

"The story becomes all the more interesting since there is just no comparison whatsoever between me and him. On any given day, the two of us can't be even expected in the same room, let alone taking on each other," says Emraan, "While I play a man on the street, Kay Kay is this guy who has 50 businesses with an empire worth billions. However, a particular incident brings me right in front of this man who is 1000 times bigger than me."


No wonder, the film is being pitched as a battle of David v/s Goliath.

"Yes indeed," smiles Emraan, "Kay Kay's character may come across as this respectable man in the society but then he is someone who is no less than a 'gunda' or a mafia Don. When you have to take on a man like him, you have to turn from Raja into the best scamster that this country has known. You have to wear the hat of Natwarlal who comes with an ability of selling off even a Taj Mahal or a Lal Qila."

This is the reason why Kunal has made sure that the relevance and reference to real life Natwarlal is well established.
"Yes, that has been done. I am required to be THE Natwarlal of the con job world. Yes, the revenge angle might have a dark tone in it but the film is not treated in dark zone. This is what makes the entire 'Natwarlal' angle as entertaining as it gets," he says.

Well Emraan, we would like to see that happening once the UTV production hits the screens next Friday.