ENGLISH VINGLISH: Sridevi's transition from chiffon to cotton sarees

ENGLISH VINGLISH: Sridevi's transition from chiffon to cotton sarees news
img By Enkayaar | 15 Sep 2012 12:56:51.3430000 IST

Change of image associated with a comeback is at times a tad difficult proposition and at times it serves as the trigger to start a new innings in the world of cinema. For Sridevi who is trying to make a comeback with ENGLISH VINGLISH it indeed is a new avatar from the time when she was ruling the roost and hung her boots.


She was the chiffon queen so to say, i.e. she set the screen on fire whenever she came attired in a chiffon saree, and who was her co-star was incidental, she was in love with herself and the manner in which she enticed the camera with her sexy demeanor was what was the reason that she dominated the Hindi cinema for near about a decade. It all started with the oomph in blue saree in 'Kaate Nahi Katte Ye din ye raat' from MR INDIA followed by the yellow chiffon in CHANDNI 'Tere mere hoto pe meethe meethe geet mitwa', a melange of colors in JAANBAAZ where again she was in love with herself on the screen, or LAMHE, exuding sexuality to the brim and packed with oodles of voluptuousness. As a matter of fact Sridevi had sort of patented saree as her chosen attire through the scores of films that she did with Jeetendra, made from various studios of South, famous among them being HIMMATWALA, TOHFA etc., and took saree to exalted heights as the ultimate dress that exuded sexuality and femininity in one frame. Underlining feature was that during those times Sridevi did not have the luxury of designers who could give humble saree novel avatars through their creative expressions, but probably Sridevi did not need as she had a figure that made audience eat out of her hands.


Now that she is making her comeback with ENGLISH VINGLISH and being away from the arclight for near about a decade and a half, she could not have chosen the chiffons to set the screen on fire as that age is gone. So, Sridevi in ENGLISH VINGLISH has saree as the attire, but these are the sarees that are ethnic, cotton sarees, brightly colored, but loosely draped underlining the transformation perhaps of a woman that undergoes in the Indian society after her marriage and kids. Sridevi now has an element of coy demeanor, but it has been shorn of sexuality, and rather it has a homeliness associated with it, in sync with the role that she is enacting in ENGLISH VINGLISH perhaps. It would be interesting to watch whether audiences would accept Sridevi in this new avatar. Sridevi's new avatar in cotton sarees could be an interesting contrast with Rekha as she still continues to ooze sexiness with her Indian sarees and would Sridevi be in a position after ENGLISH VINGLISH to compete with Rekha on this front?

As a sidelight, the king of romance Yash Chopra in JAB TAK HAI JAAN is reportedly toying with the idea of using his trademark chiffon sarees to be adorned either by Katrina Kaif or Anushka Sharma to weave his magic of romance through sarees. It would be interesting to watch which of these is able to carry off the saree with a sense of sexuality associated with Yash Raj films, and which was a contributory element in giving fillip to the career of Sridevi.