Esha goes on a macro biotic diet for TMOK

Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 20 Oct 2011 15:56:49.9370000 IST

Bollywood actor Esha Deol has gone full throttle for her upcoming film TELL ME O KKHUDA. Besides her role, her acting Esha has also worked hard on her looks by following a very special diet. The dainty actress reveals that she went on a macro biotic diet for the film.

"For the first time I went on a macro biotic diet it's all organic food. A complete vegetarian diet. Shonali, my dietician suggested about it. She used some special oils, rock salt instead of normal salt. Then she gave me miso soup, pizzas but all organic. My sister and me both did it. It really helps you lose weight. It cleanses your skin and you also feel lighter," says Esha.

view TELL ME O KKHUDA stills
view TELL ME O KKHUDA stills

Further about her styling in the film, Esha says she did a lot of look test. In fact mom (Hema Malini) wanted Esha to have an entirely different look in the film. Says Esha, "Mom was keen that I have wavy hair in the film. She hates my straight chapat hair."


Esha, who has been training with Satyajeet Chaurasia (who is a trainer to many Bollywood stars), followed a disciplined workout schedule. "I have been training with Satyajeet Chaurasia for the past ten years. He used to make me do cardio. I also did aggressive workout for the film," Esha says.

Looking at Esha's dedication, it seems the hard work will definitely be paid off once the film releases on 27th October 2011.