Esha is fully covered in HIJACK - Kunal Shivdasani

download Esha Deol Wallpapers

download Esha Deol Wallpapers

In her career spanning six years (she made her debut with KOI MERE DIL SE POOCHE in 2002), Esha Deol has appeared in 20 odd movies. Still, an award winning performance has been hard to come by though she has been acknowledged for her act in some of her recent films like DARLING, JUST MARRIED and ANKAHEE.

However, Kunal Shivdasani, the man who has directed her most recently believes that she has come up with an award winning performance in upcoming HIJACK. In the film, Esha Deol plays an air hostess in an airplane which has been hijacked by terrorists.

Is he really serious when he says that his action entertainer HIJACK indeed has a scope for an actor to demonstrate award winning histrionics? "Yes I am", says Kunal, "Don't be fooled by the belief that only out and out emotional or dramatic movies can fetch an award for an actor. If a role has a great potential, is written well and performed convincingly, an actor can get an award even in a film belonging to action genre."

What exactly does Esha do in the film to justify an award? "The maximum that I can reveal about her role is that she plays an airhostess in the ill fated airplane. While Shiney Ahuja's character aims at foiling the attempt, a strong undercurrent of emotion also flows underneath. To develop this further, Esha's character is a must requirement in the narrative. You would realize it on watching the film."

Talking about Esha's selection for the role, Kunal reveals, "I wanted someone who could look convincing as an air-hostess. The moment I met her, I knew she was the right face and body for the role. And to think of it, she is covered from top to bottom throughout the film. It needs some conviction from an actor coming from hardcore commercial background to be willing to be seen in only one costume throughout the film's length."

Which means no song and dance routine for Esha in the film?

"Not really", says Kunal, "This is why the three songs which are there in the film are also mainly situational. While there is one melodious romantic number between Shiney and newcomer Kaveri (who plays his wife), there is a racy club track and an emotional montage number picturised on the passengers who are stuck in the plane. HIJACK is mainly a film which is a high energy action entertainer with a huge mystery element to it. We couldn't have added any unwanted numbers just for enhancing the commercial value of the film."