Eva Green to be seen next in sci-fi!

Eva Green is set to join in with Ed Skrein in sci-fi thriller A PATRIOT, the film is currently in the pre-production phase but things are moving quickly and a few details are being revealed about the project.

The story takes place in the future where Eva Green’s character is supposed to play a Captain who starts questioning the way things are being run after facing reality and knowing what the world looks like beyond the walled state she is sworn in to protect, the film shows that most of the earth is ravaged by natural calamities and a shortage of resources and only a select few individuals have made it inside the walled state which ignores everything that happens beyond its borders.

Though the roles of other cast members are yet to be revealed as of yet, we can be certain that Eva Green will give out a powerful performance, as seen in her previous films like CASINO ROYALE, SIN CITY.

The film is being written by Toby Rushton and Dan Pringle, who is also set to direct the film.

Produced by Adam Merrifield and John Giwa-Amu with Angus Finney executive producing the project.