Even shrewd RAEES... bows down to romance

Even shrewd RAEES... bows down to romance news
Nitin Jain By Nitin Jain | 02 Jan 2017 12:37:10.6170000 IST

All this while, right from the film was under production to getting delayed it was presented as a ‘pucca baniya-miyan’ cunning film. And now when finally it is seeing it release this month, the makers have released yet another poster. And am I happy? Well, not really. I really fail to understand why do most Bollywood films need a ‘female lead’ and for that ‘romance’ thrown in and for that ‘a few romantic numbers’ forced in the narrative. Since the first teaser to the promo, I was personally waiting with bated breath to see a Shah Rukh Khan film that would be song-less, dance-less, romance-less drama that would be strong on cunning plot with witty lines and some dose of action. But with the latest poster thrown at us, it seems all my above assumptions are finally down the drain.


So, the usual suspect would be that the film itself has the lead charater having some romance in the narrative, so as to fit in a ‘female lead’. And not just that, but the lead hero could repeat his trade mark arm spread for the fans to take back something. If not that, than probably, since there is an embargo on the female lead not being able to cash-in on the publicity stint with the Badshah; the makers have make done with bringing her in the poster!

Well, this is just a guess from someone waiting to see a Rahul Dholakia movie, one will have to wait until the release. Hope it’s not a no-brainer.