EXCLUSIVE: Adarsh Gourav on playing Manoj Bajpayee’s son in RUKH


Actor Adarsh Gourav in an exclusive conversation with Glamsham talks about his upcoming film RUKH in which he plays Manoj Bajpayee’s son Dhruv. The young actor also shares about how he came to Mumbai to pursue his singing aspiration but a chance acting offer changed his destiny. Read on

Adarsh Gourav in a still from RUKH Adarsh Gourav in a still from RUKH
Adarsh Gourav in a still from RUKH


Tell us about your role in RUKH?

The role that I am playing in the film is that of Dhruv Mathur. The story is about his journey from the time when he is just 14-year-old, till the time when he turns 18. The film is about how circumstances change when his father dies as he has to come back to his house from hostel and then slowly he comes to know about the kind of person his father really was which is something he wasn’t able to do before. The film shows how post his father’s death, Dhruv progresses in his relationship with his friends and his family.

How were you selected for this role?

Actually we had shot for a treatment scene about a year before the actual shoot of this film begun. At that time I didn’t know that this film will actually be made but then the makers had taken the treatment scene to Berlinale and Sundance Screen writer lab, there Manishji(owner of Drishyam Films) saw it and he liked the treat scene a lot and he immediately said that he would like to produce it. Then Atanu (the director of RUKH) called me to inform that everyone wants me to play the role of Dhruv. So I can say that I was very lucky to have shot for that treatment scene which eventually helped me land this film.

Tell us about your experience of working with an actor of Manoj Bajpayee and Kumud Mishra’s caliber

It was incredible these people are such a great actors but when you work with them they never let you feel intimidated. It’s very important as actors to understand each other. I was really lucky to get this opportunity of working with Manoj ji, Kumud ji. These people are eager even today to give good performance and they are always so vulnerable which is very important as an actor. They are always so eager and enthusiastic to do good work. So it’s very inspirational to have worked with actors like them. Every character that has been cast for this film is so apt and important I really had a great time working with these people. While dubbing for the film I was just discussing with Manoj sir that how I want to train as an actor and Manoj sir was the one who motivated me and advised me to go to a drama school after that I joined Drama School Mumbai and finished my acting course.

One thing that you learnt from Manoj Bajpayee while working on this film

When you are working with actors of Manoj sir’s stature and also every actor in this film is from theater background so all of us used to rehearse a lot and read the script many times as every time you read the script you find something new in it. While shooting for the film Manoj sir told me that he reads the script several times and I do that too so I got a reaffirmation from him that reading the script is very important and also portraying the character in the most realistic way. Also when you are working with such terrific actors you don’t know what’s going to happen next, it’s almost like working with the unexpected. So a kind of magic is created every time a shot is done and also my performance got enhanced as it also depends a lot on your co-actors.

So did you always aspire to become an actor?

Actually I am a trained Hindustani Classical singer; I have trained for 10 years. In 2007 when my father got transferred to Mumbai my entire family shifted here thinking that perhaps my musical career will get a boost in Mumbai. I was learning singing in Suresh Wadkar’s academy. Once while I was attending some stage show someone asked me if I was interested in acting I said yes and then I gave auditions post that MY NAME IS KHAN came my way and rest is history.

So do you miss singing? And if given a chance will you take up singing offers as well?

I had a band in my college but off late I am not that much in touch with singing as all my focus is on acting. But whenever I get time I practice and listen to lot of songs. I make sure that I take time for singing as it is something that I don’t want to leave; I want to pursue it and use it as an actor. And I hope that somebody give me an opportunity to sing as well.

You have worked with veteran actors like Sridevi (in MOM), Manoj Bajpayee so was it intimidating?

I have seen these actors on Television as a kid so I yes I do feel intimidated but the point is to not get too carried away or excited and keep your focus at place. So as an actor it should be your responsibility that as soon as the camera starts rolling you get into your character and no matter which actor is in front of you, one should focus on them as the character that they are playing and not on their star status. That’s how I work. And obviously I am honored and privileged to get a chance to work with such great actors.

Give us three reason why one should go and watch RUKH

The first reason is that it has Manoj Bajpayee. Manoj sir is so selective and choosy with his work that when he decides to do any project that in itself shows how good the story is and how good the director is as actors like him make sure that they work with the best directors and writers. The second reason is Drishyam films- they have been producing some incredible content over the last couple of years with films like MASAAN, ANKHON DEKHI, NEWTON and even the upcoming KADVI HAWA. This production house is backing some really terrific and diversified content. Dhrishyam films is going to be a game changer in Indian Cinema in near future. Also Atanu sir and Pooja (Cinematographer of Rukh) as this is their first film they have given their blood and sweat to this film because the stakes are very high as you work doubly hard on your first film. So all of us have made this film by our heart and Atanu sir is an incredible director and writer. He is also very patient as he answered thousands of my questions without being bored or irritated. Number three would be that the film addresses a very important issue of the relationship between a father and son. Very rarely we get to see films based on this relation. Apart from these reasons the music is so good, the background score is so good. I think the list is never ending.(smiles)

After RUKH what’s next in pipeline?

I just finished my acting course and recently I shot for an ad with DANGAL director Nitesh Tiwari for TEDx, I play a Sardar ji in it and I enjoyed a lot while shooting for it. The ad will be aired very soon on television. Also there is a play which I had directed in my college I am working on that. I feel as an actor you should never sit ideal. You should keep yourself busy, keep watching films and keep learning new things.