Exclusive: Ashrut Jain: Had I not been an actor I would be fat!

Ashrut Jain is riding high in his career as his two films, MULK and BATTI GUL METER CHALU is garnerning applauds the budding actor has made his mark in films from the character roles that he has done so far, he was seen in MS DHONI or RAM LEELA he knows has craft well.

With BATTI GUL releasing today, Ashrut’s role has been appreciated well. Coming from a small town he never knew he would make his name in Bollywood., till the time he marked his presence felt in the industry.

In exclusive conversation with Akshrut Jain as she spoke in length about, why he is keen on doing film and how has the industry helped him cherish his dreams and why he is not open to television and he also unveils that had he not been into acting he wouldn’t want to work out as he is a big time foodie!

When asked about his journey so far in the industry he said, “It is very tough to bag big films. It's next to impossible. There are nearly ten thousand people who come to this city and everyone wants that one role, it’s not easy, failures, rejections, wait and so much that at times you feel that you are may be in the wrong profession, but I never lost hope and decided to move ahead in life.”

When asked him if he wants to dabble between television and Bollywood he said, “I am not too comfortable doing television, I am enjoying my space, and I get to play varied roles and that’s what I am doing in films. I have worked with ace directors and I am happy that there will be many more directors I will be working up.”

As acting requires hard core training and you need to be good looking and fit, when asked Ashrut what does he have to say about staying fit and how does he manage on his schedule to which he said, “ I work out twice a day to maintain my regime, but I am not a gym freak, I am an early riser and I love to work out in the morning, having said that had I not been an actor I wouldn’t event hit the gym, I would be happily plum person. I would say, had I not been an actor I would be fat.”

Lastly when asked him what is that one word that describes him, “I am a player, (laughs).”