Exclusive: Avinash : I have faced rejections and gone through heartbreaks too!

Avinash Tiwary is making our hearts sway with his stellar performance in trailers and songs of LAILA MAJNU, ever since we saw him in Majnu look; we simply can’t get our eyes off his look and the efforts he put in for the role.
Being an engineer Avinash embarked upon Bollywood journey and had a struggling phase for over a year till he was finally called for LAILA MAJNU, rejections, wait, trails and many more emotional trauma, Avinash is all set for his big Bollywood debut with Tripti Dimri on September 7.

Ekta Kapoor and Imitiaz Ali’s LAILA MAJNU is a saga of love and romance, which is directed by Sajid Ali.
In exclusive conversation with Avinash he spoke about entering Bollywood, opened up about his struggle and more

How did you bag LAILA MAJNU?

So the movie was supposed to go on floor in 2016. I was selected in a first take; I poured complete faith towards Imtiaz Ali and LAILA MAJNU. They were holding nationwide search for the lead actress i.e Laila. Now waiting was the most difficult part for me as I was absolutely jobless at that point of time. I waited almost for a year. I lost hopes and I was about to move on. In January 2017 I received a call saying that it’s happening. I wasn’t that excited at that point of time because I was the one who was waiting desperately for a year. Now when the trailer is out and when people are appreciating it, is the time I feel that waiting for so long happens to be fruitful.

What did you do while you were waiting for the role?

I was auditioning for various other things, I still was waiting and hoping something good to come, and with the stroke of luck I got this, I called up mom and she was so thrilled.How did your family react seeing you on-screen?
My mom who has always been my support and my dad who would not be excited seems to be excited and my mom is enjoying this phase with me.

Did you always wanted to be an actor?

I myself don’t know why I chose acting over engineering. Initially I wanted to be an engineer. I was decent at studies. Later I wanted to stay away from family and wanted to discover my passion. I’m still wondering why I became an actor because it is not at all an easy job.

Working with Imtiaz Ali is like a dream coming true. So what was your expression when you met him for the first time?

I haven’t even thought of working with Imtiaz in my Dreamland. So we first met at his place. I was with full confidence and attitude that I’m going to meet one of the best directors in the industry. But as I entered he greeted me and asked for a cup of tea. At that time I realized that he’s so simple as a person. I melted there and then and I learnt that if a person who is so qualified and so talented can be so real then even I should follow it throughout. From there he held my hand throughout the shoot and guided me.
What was the advice given to you by Ekta Kapoor?
I met Ekta Ma’am in the office she was in office and she told us, ‘ We believe in you’ and do well! These were her golden words.


How did you and Tripti start talking before shooting?
I’m sort of a shy person. I need some time to break ice with someone. Especially with girls and that too so pretty. So as soon as we were done with the narration, I thought that I should go and talk to her but she had some other work so she left immediately. Later I tried building a bond with her during the workshops, and on the sets I must say, she is not only beautiful, she is an amazing actor, she complete me as an actor, when you have such a helping co-actor you yourself perform well.

How did you prep for Majnu?
I’d surely like to share the credit with my director. While I was trying to execute what Sajid was expecting, he left no stones unturned to make it easier for me. The only contribution which I personally added was that I left all social trappings and discovered lots of energy within and Sajid molded it well. So I created the aura and Sajid gave a touch of perfection to it. I had to undergo so many physical and emotional changes. Have to accept criticism. So to answer your question, I never wanted to be an actor but eventually I ended up being one.First it was the second half which was shot and I was very much into the role, it was taxing to an extent and then I had a day or two’s break and I had to shoot for an easy part that is the jovial one .

Have you been in love?
Obviously, every one of us have been in love and I too have faced the trauma of heartbreak .

Are you romantic?
Yes, very much like the normal one, and my mom says, I am good looking too.

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