Exclusive: Chunky Pandey: ''I had done a biopic, but it got shelved''

Exclusive: Chunky Pandey: ''I had done a biopic, but it got shelved'' news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 14 Apr 2017 16:13:24.4000000 IST

Actor Chunky Pandey is popularly known for his comic roles and has entertained us with his performance as Akhri Pasta in the HOUSEFULL series. Shedding his on screen image of a comedian, Chunky will be seen in a brand new rugged avatar in BEGUM JAAN playing an antagonist.

As the film hits the silver screen today, Chunky in an exclusive conversation speaks about BEGUM JAAN, foraying into out and out negative character and his future projects.


Looking at the trailer, you were almost unrecognizable. Were you convinced to shed your Aakhri pasta image?
After the release of HOUSEFULL 3, I was auditioning for BEGUM JAAN and people on the sets were telling me to say dialogues like 'Aakhri Pasta' (his character in HOUSEFULL). At the back of my mind I thought I would not get the film. But Srijit was sure he wanted me to play this evil part. He wanted me to lose real Chunky Pandey... he wanted the world to see my evil side. He saw the evilness in me and he wanted to bring that out in BEGUM JAAN.

Tell us something more about your character?
I wouldn’t want to reveal much, I am waiting for the audience to give me the verdict, the character that I portray is not a villain, he the face of evil. Evil will always exist in this world. I always had a wicked streak in me; the sadist side in me also comes in my comedy films. But to do something like this is crazy. It came very naturally to me.

Was your family convinced about your look?
(Laughs) My wife couldn't recognize me. My whole personality had changed. She always thought I am a villain and I had to prove her right so I did BEGUM JAAN. I was little resistant (about the look) but after seeing myself I was happy. You don't get a film like BEGUM JAAN every day in your career.

After shedding your image with this role, were you offered something on same lines?
Yes, I have been getting offers and would want to go ahead with such roles as well.

As biopics are in vogue, whose biopic would you like to work in?
I had shot for a biopic based on Shashi Tharoor’s book Show Business-a book that parodies and satirises formulaic Bollywood cinema. The book is based on a fictional story of Ashok Banjara, a Bollywood superstar. The character and many incidents of Ashok Banjara's life were inspired by that of mega star Amitabh Bachchan. However, the movie got tanked for some reason.