Exclusive: Darshan Raval: I want to sing more of romantic numbers!

Darshan Raval has a huge fan following on social media and his songs are loved by all. His latest song chogada from the film LOVEYATRI is something which the national is grooving to the garba tracks, While Kamariya from MITRON is also somthing one simply can't stop grooving. Chogada  and Kamariya are  topping the charts, Apart from garba songs, he has sung various romantic numbers too in his album, the ‘Tera zikr’, track was one of the most loved song.

From romantic songs to garba tracks and few peppy numbers, Darshan has done it all. In conversation with Darshan he speaks about what made him recreate songs for LOVEYATRI, his new album Do Din and how he handles fans.

Darshan says, “I am happy with the response of 'Do din'. The song is fresh, the video is sweet and I had a great time recording and shooting it. I am happy that my fans enjoy this song as much as I did in creating this. I’ve always wanted to do independent music, which is happening now. My next move is to collaborate with different artists next year. my independent songs usually have been sad. I’ve been crying, the girl has been crying. So, I decided to make a happy love song that will make people happy. So, we made “Do Din.” It was quite fun. It’s a song one can groove too. It’s a first music video shot by a female director at the Liberty theatre in Mumbai.”

Both your songs Kamariya and Chogada are doing well, when your re-crated Aavi Navrati with Chogada did you expect the song would be so successful to which Darshan said, “It was amazing. I was working when I got a call from Chetan (composer). They called me to come to their studio. When I met them, they briefed me about the song that it’s about celebration. We jammed and the song was ready within 30 minutes. Salman also liked the song and that’s how the entire thing happened. We enjoyed a lot. Normally, there is no time frame for a song to get complete. I didn’t wanted to lose the essence of the original Aavi Navratri so I made sure that the song is recreated in a way that makes everyone grove. ”

What kind of songs do you like to listen and what other genres you would want to explore, Darshan added, “ I loved the song Aak Lad Jaava from LOVEYATRI, and there are many song from other genres that I love to listen. There are few recreated songs that I like.”

Talking about his further projects he said, “There are upcoming tracks that I will be talking about soon; there is one more single that will be releasing soon. The image of sad songs is somehow very much synonym to me, I will now sing some romantic numbers."