EXCLUSIVE: Gautam Gulati on donning a moustache in AZHAR and flaunting his hot bod after 'Bigg Boss'

EXCLUSIVE: Gautam Gulati on donning a moustache in AZHAR and flaunting his hot bod after 'Bigg Boss' news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 12 May 2016 18:35:27.8400000 IST

The most loved handsome hunk of TV Gautam Gulati is finally making his Bollywood debut with AZHAR and it is something his fans are eagerly looking forward to. While trying to get out some details about his character, Gautam Gulati reveals some really interesting details.

Here are the excerpts:


Are you playing Ravi Shastri in the movie?
It's a biopic on Azhar's life and his journey since 10-15 years. It's a character inspired by Ravi Shastri and other cricketers. When you see the film, you'll know about his character.

Could you imagine yourself in that character? How easy or difficult was that journey?
It wasn't that easy for me to play this. I worked on it for more than a month, but once I got into the character, I started talking exactly like him. I’ve worked on so many cricketers that's how they liked it and thought I'd be able to play that.

What was your equation with Emraan?
He's a very nice man, helpful, co-operative and chilled out. When he's having fun, he's just chill and on work, he's serious. He's a very calm person and we didn't feel like strangers. I was so happy to work with him and we behaved like our characters. Working with him was an experience of a lifetime and he's a different kind of hero, who's a real life hero as well. I was a big fan on him since my childhood. It was fun.

You flaunted your chiseled body in 'Bigg Boss'. Can we see that in AZHAR as well?
There is one small shot but it's not like how I would normally roam around in 'Bigg Boss'. It's however not about the body, but character. It was a point where I'm coming out of the pool, just going to say something, which is when you'll get to see a glimpse of my body. But actually I didn't work on my body at all. So I had to cut down for this role and be very lean.

'Emraan Hashmi and I didn't feel like strangers'

Would you manage between films and TV now or only focus on Bollywood?
Only Bollywood. I would only do TV events. I'm here only because of Television so not going to leave that. If I get to be part of a really nice show, then I won't act, but host like I did for MTV's 'Big F'. I would like to do something the youth connects to and feel like a kid. I would love to give people some advice. You shouldn't take life that seriously but just chilled out, stay normal and just keep working hard because that's what's important. You should also be a clean-hearted person than cunning.

Did it feel weird when you had to grow the moustache?
I don't feel very good roaming around in this but I have to stay in my character.

So why this real one when you could've easily put up a fake moustache?
I cannot fake yaar. Even if I'm told to grow my hair or beard for a character in the future, I believe in working like that. For my film that went to the Cannes, I wrote 25 more scenes from 25 that were already written. I studied his daily life. Since I wrote 25 more scenes, while shooting I never felt that I was working because I could feel all those scenes. When you watch the climax of the film, you'll connect to the character. Same with AZHAR. There might not be much about this character in the film, but you have to study in order to play a character like that. I studied it for one month and then behaved like the character on screen. I improvised a lot and you'll get to see that.

If not you, then who do you think would play your character with perfection?
They thought I'm the only one who could take care of this character in a very nice way. I had taken couple of days to read the scenes, but once I was ready, there was no looking back. I can't really tell you who would've done justice because it's a little old look and no actor would normally roam around in this look. So it's the director's vision. I also never thought I'd play this character. But when I looked at his vision, that's when I realized that yes I can play him.

Not many know that you're a Shiamak Davar student. So do we see you dancing on screen anytime soon?
I keep on dancing at events, so I'll be doing that. I literally want to do everything one does in movies.