Exclusive - Hansal Mehta: Rajkummar is weirdly attractive as an antagonist

Hansal Mehta has always entertained us with several films Whether it is CITYLIGHTS, SHAHID, ALIGARH, SIMRAN or the much recent, web series Bose: Dead or Alive.
One of the most talked about and appreciated film OMERTA has been released today. National Award-winning filmmaker Hansal Mehta has been waiting since long to announce the film to the viewers, Rajkummar Rao is the key protagonist in the film. He plays antagonist fro the first time, the deadly Omar.
In an exclusive conversation with Hansal spoke about filming OMERTA, to hardships he went through and why Rajkummar would be apt for the film.

How did OMERTA came into mind?
Mukul Dev narrated me the script. Initially it was a thriller and this film was kept aside and other films got made, SHAHID was made by then considering OMERTA required budget, and it was far more challenging, and then I decided to go ahead with the film and no one better than Rajkummar would fit in now. Well at that time had the film being released I wouldn’t have cast Rajkummar had I made it earlier.

Whom would you cast if not Rajkummar?
That was just a thought earlier, but I and Raj always push each other and while filming for OMERTA, I discovered Raj has an aggressive side. Infact in Punjab where we had set up the location for the film, I would see Raj a little aggressive or in his own world one day we decided to play tennis and he squashed the ball so hard and that time I realized that he is very much into Omar’s zone. and now I feel that Rajkummar is weirdly attractive as an antagonist!

Was there any pressure at any point, as the film talks about terrorism, it got delayed and was stuck at Censor Board?
I have never taken the pressure. When the examining committee saw the film, they asked for cuts, later on they agreed and then I had to cut one scene and which didn’t affect the screenplay of the film, I would have fought and taken the matter to court but then I have to think about the producers as well. Infact I am happy that every film has their own time and its now time for the film to release. I didn’t fear anything yes, I am glad that people liked the trailer and when the film has been appreciated at film festivals it gives you confidence.

What is the message that OMERTA wants to give to the world?
I just want to say that Omar Sheik was a learned person he got empowered by the state of Pakistan to conduct such acts, there is injustice and your response cannot be this, one shouldn’t encourage such acts.