Exclusive: Karan Aanand: I can play intense roles with my eyes

Karan Aanand who has entertained us in TV shows as well as in various films like BABY and few more. He will now be seen in LUPT, which is a supernatural film and has an ensemble cast which also has Javed Jaffari.
Acting was always a passion since childhood for Karan got a role in the telly film Amrut Kumbh where he played the role of 'Lakshmana'. He then joined the National School of Drama (NSD), after which he worked in the repertory for quite some time before moving to Mumbai.

In Mumbai, Karan joined the theatre group 'Ekjute', and stayed very active on the theatre scene till he got his first break in television in 'Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Johur'. He went on to play his award winning role in the serial 'Kabhi Toh Milke Sab Bolo', which received lots of praises.His first Bollywood movie was GUNDAY, followed by KICK, where his action scenes were appreciated. But he truly received recognition for his spy-act in BABY. Recently, he had a cameo in Madhur Bhandarkar's CALENDAR GIRLS. Following his success, he has received many offers but prefers to take on only truly challenging roles even if the part is small.

As his next film LUPT is releasing this Friday we got in touch with Karan Aanand as he spoke a lot about his film and what kind of roles does he wish to do.

Talking about LUPT he said, “ I am thrilled to be part of LUPT, it’s not a usual horror-thriller flick it has various shades to it, and many layers, it’s also based on true stories and trust me just because I am part of the film doesn’t mean I am praising it, there is a huge amount of effort put in it as well as people will learn a lot too. We have shot late nights for days just to get the set up right but that doesn’t mean we have tampered with the script!”

When asked Karan what kind of roles is he looking at to which he said, “ I believe I am very expressive with eyes, I feel my biggest USP is I can emote with my eyes and I can pull off emotional films well, But I would want to do comedy and action films, I am trained in martial arts, but somehow I get very intense roles and that’s what makes me happy as an actor I do roles which are different and not even close to my personality.”

As Karan has been part of various TV shows when asked him if he will be seen on television to which he said, “Why not if I am offered a good script why wouldn’t I do it? I am open to good scripts and the medium really doesn’t matter to me.”
As there are two more films clashing with LUPT namely ANDHADHUN and LOVEYATRI what do you have to say about films clashing and box office numbers to which he said, “I feel every film has an audience and so will my film have audience for it. I want all the films to do well, The producers of my film have invested a lot of money, though it’s not a high budget film but there , but the producer has left no stone unturned to make the film as grand and thematic as possible!”
LUPT is releasing on Friday. Here’s wishing Karan all the very best for the film!

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