EXCLUSIVE: Manoj Bajpayee respects Shah Rukh Khan, says he is a huge star globally

EXCLUSIVE: Manoj Bajpayee respects Shah Rukh Khan, says he is a huge star globally news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 06 May 2016 17:54:51.3830000 IST

Manoj Bajpayee has always proved his acting skills and he seems to be doing so once again in his latest release TRAFFIC. But what has the actor’s journey been like without his director, and yet receiving support from all corners (including Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan), is something that will warm your heart and probably make you smile.

Here are some excerpts from the exclusive interview:


Have you seen the original TRAFFIC?
I have and it was fantastic. I said yes to it immediately because I didn't want any other actor to be part of it.

Did you ever feel that you'd take up such a role?
I thought it's a very interesting role and would be interesting I'm doing a role I wasn't earlier. It was a good chance for me.

The director is unfortunately no more. So do you share some memories with him?
Yeah. I'm actually very sad talking about him because it's so unbelievable that he's not with us during the promotions. It's so difficult to believe that he's no more. He was a very passionate guy, quite a perfectionist and if he didn't get something on the shoot, he used to cry like a baby. He was a foodie who loved his fish and rice. All of these memories are there about him.

'Take great pride in Shah Rukh Khan's success as a friend '

Do you feel the pressure that you have become the face of promoting the movie without a director?
No I don't feel the pressure. I'm taking up this responsibility. I feel bad he's not here to tell his version of the film.

How important is Green Channel for Emergency?
It's the biggest initiative the government has taken. Cities have become bigger and movement has become tougher. To transport an organ from one city to another, hospital to hospital, has become much more challenging. To save a life has become much more impossible. Green corridor was the need of the time, where life saving become priority for an administration. It's something we were waiting for since long.

Shah Rukh Khan has also promoted TRAFFIC. Since he's your childhood friend, did he also visit the sets?
He just happened to come to meet me. It was just nice of him. Everybody, the channel media there, they were excited because they got Shah Rukh Khan for free, without any effort. Him coming to meet me helped our cause. Salman has tweeted about this film so has Rishi Kapoor. This is the kind of support I'm looking for. They go a long way. I must be thankful to them. Shah Rukh and I don't visit each other that regularly but whenever we can, we do. I have huge respect and regard for the kind of hard work he's put into his life and the name he's made for himself. He's a huge star globally. So as a friend, I take great pride in Shah Rukh Khan's success.



Can we again say that your character is again grey in TRAFFIC?
Yes it is.

Is there somewhere that you relate to your character?
It's very difficult to find connect in the characters I play. I'm a different person altogether. I don't think I've ever played a character similar to me.

Would you like to play a character that's closer to who you are?
That would be the most difficult thing.

After playing so many grey shades, do you wish to play a quintessential hero?
This question is asked to me since 18 years now and I don't know why, because I've never played a quintessential hero or villain. I do roles and films which are character-based.

'Never played a character similar to me'

You've been there since almost all the 3 Khans are here. So do you feel you've got your due very late in the industry?
I'll decide about it when I think of quitting the industry. Till I'm working, I don't want to think about this question at all. Let me first work and be part of some great projects and then we'll talk about it.

Don't you think you've already done some great films?
No. There are too many. You've only seen 25% till now.

Is there a South film remake you'd like to be part of?
I've done 4 films and found it very difficult because of the language.