Exclusive! Mantra ''I am not offered romantic films!''

Mantra is one versatile personality he has been RJing, VJing as well as acting in theaters, anchoring and doing movies. He will be now seen in HIGH JACK which is one of the most different genres of comedy in all times.

Mantra has been the voice we have been listening since years and its delightful to see him tickle our funny bones!

In an exclusive conversation with Mantra as he talks about his film and why isn’t he offered a romantic role, this is what Mantra has to say, “I will share a story on how I got HIGH JACK, it all happened that the director told me that it’s a very serious and intense role and I decided to go ahead with the same I was prepared for the role thinking its quite serious then I got to know that it’s a funny role and I cracked up listening to the script.”

“There are various kind of comedy that we watch but this is a little different from the usual one’s and as the film is realizing I am excited for it as the audience will see a very different side of me and this is something I don’t think anyone has seen such a different comedy. He is hijacker with everything a hijacker shouldn’t do” says Mantra.

When asked as the film is clashing with a huge film like DEADPOOL how do you think the film will pull crowd at the theaters, this is what Mantra had to say, “ I feel every film has a crowd and I am sure this film will also have a certain crowd of people enjoying and seeing him.”

On being asked why isn’t he doing an out and out romantic film this is what he has to say, “ In this industry we are easily typecast and this is what happens when you don’t get such roles. I am open to romantic roles.”

HIGH JACK will hit the screens tomorrow!

Mantra Mugdh
Mantra Mugdh