Exclusive: Nakash Aziz : I would remix a song differently!

Nakash Aziz rose to fame with the song Jabraa fan from the movie FAN which featured Shah Rukh Khan. Naksh is also assisted composer A. R. Rahman on films like HIGHWAY, RAANJHANAA, ROCKSTAR, DELHI 6 and I in Hindi. He is known for playback of songs like ‘Sari Ke Fall Sa’ and ‘Gandi Baat’ from the film R... RAJKUMAR (2013) and ‘Dhating Nach" from film PHATA POSTER NIKHLA HERO (2013); the latter two films of which were picturized on Shahid Kapoor.

As his new single Heeriye is out which is soulful and full of love, Naksh open up like never before and spills beans on his journey, his take on remixes and more.

Excerpts from the interview!

Tell us about your journey post the success of Jabra?
Well when Jabra Fan song released, I really enjoyed the success of the song. Most importantly I got to meet some wonderful people in the form of Vishal-Shekhar, the director Manish Sharma. It was a great experience working on the song especially doing something for Mr. Shahrukh Khan, which features him in it.

What kind of offers came your way after the film FAN?
Well nothing much changed after FAN and the kind of offers that came were similar to the ones that were coming earlier. It’s just that ‘Jabra fan’ was kind of a highlight & milestone for me and I really enjoyed the success of that song.

How did Heeriye happen? Your association with Indie Music Label?
Heeriye happened for a lot of reasons. First of all, I wanted to make a single I resonate with in my life and which means something to me. Second, I happened to meet music arranger Aditya Pushkarna, whose worked on projects like DANGAL, so he & I got together, we made a group of some amazing musicians from all over the country and we decided to record the song in one take. We recorded in Yashraj Studios just like the old times where there is a big studio with musicians sitting all around & the singer singing in his booth. Next, I had a story in my mind which I wanted to put it out as a video. I knew Naushad Khan, who is heading Indie Music Label, for quite some years, so when I played him the song & showed him the video, he was really interested in taking this out and sharing it with the world. He also related to what the story had to say so yup that’s how Heeriye happened.

What kind of songs you like to listen to?
I like to listen to all kinds of songs and there is no particular kind of genre that I really like or don’t like. I believe every music is different in its own way & it’s a good habit to have as a musician that you keep listening lot of different kind of music.

What is your take on remixes?
Remixes are the trending thing right now & the ones who make them will be able to tell you better about what the take on remixes is. I am quite indifferent towards them but I think it’s quite an amazing thing that people do where they recreate songs which are already such big hits. So its commendable what everyone does although if I would do it I would do it differently but not sure how that would go with the audience.

What next after this?
Well even I don’t know. It’s always been a secret for me. I have immense faith in god and the entire way the universe works. So I am sure the universe has some great plans for me and I accept whatever the universe throws at me with open arms.