Exclusive: Pallavi Joshi: I am not bothered by social media trolls

Pallavi Joshi has entertained us in early 90’s in various TV shows, films she recently shot a web series called as ‘Easy Hai’ which talks about politics and legal matters which people will understand in a much simpler way.

In exclusive conversation with Pallavi she spoke in length about her journey in television and why she doesn’t want to do television, her love for hard-hitting subjects and lastly she spoke about how industry has changed over the years.

On being asked, what does she have to say her web series ‘Easy Hai’, and what made her touch upon political subjects which has led to backlash on social media when asked Pallavi she said, “(smiles) I am not on social media, that’s the best part my husband and my team looks after the social media trolls. I am not bothered about it, everyone has their opinion and that’s fine. Talking about the show Easy Hai, it’s an informative show, wherein I tell things which are essential in simple ways, like many people aren’t aware of political or legal systems.”

When asked what makes her stay away from daily soaps and television wherein she was a huge part off in when television started to which she said, “I don’t find the television content to be part off at this time, things have changed for good and better in various aspects, I would want to focus on character driven roles, I won’t be seen in television show but yes I am doing a film which I will announce soon.”

As we all know, Pallavi is a simple looking person and doesn't don make-up we asked her what does she have to say about actors being being glamorus.

Talking about being non-glamorous she said, " I can't be glamarous, I prefer to be simple, I find it so tough to be glamorous, look at kareena, Alia they are so glamorous and its really not easy."

For more candid conversation watch the video below!