Exclusive: Pankaj Tripathi - I want to do more upbeat roles!

Pankaj Tripathi is an immensely talented actor. He has done serval films and is known for his films like MASAAN, NIL BATTEY SANNATA, DILWALE, COFFEE WITH D, ANAARKALI OF AARAH, NEWTON, BAREILLY KI BARFI, KAALAKAANDI, ANGREZI MEIN KEHTE HAIN and many more.
He will now be seen in PHAMOUS playing the role of a dacoit who is raw and rustic, there are times when Pankaj has been offered roles which are too loud, although Pankaj always wishes to do a role which is more subtle and upbeat.
In exclusive conversation with Pankaj he spills beans on the roles he has been offered so far to how he as an individual strived hard to achieve what he is today and why he isn’t offered films with a more subtle character, working for the most heart touching biopic down Punjab as well as doing the most prestigious web series 'Criminal Justice', Pankaj has tasted all the mediums of entertainment and aced it with his acting.
When asked Pankaj about his role in PHAMOUS he says, “I play a dacoit someone who has his own way of dealing with things he wants to be famous as the title of the film says and he is brutally raw and rustic. Although there are many cases wherein I wish I am offered roles which are more surreal and not too loud, in reality I am a very calm and composed person but I am portraying roles which are opposite to what I am in real life.”
On being asked how has success treated him to which he avers, “I have seen both the worlds from adversities of a village to seen the best of hotels abroad. I have no airs, nor am I demanding the hotel in which production keeps me I stay, I eat whatever I am served. I am a very simple man.”
On being quizzed out of so many films he has done in past, which is that one film that he relates to, “ I am like the father of BAREILLY KI BARFI or like the characters of MASAAN, NIL BATTEY SANNATA,” Pankaj avers,
Well many aren’t aware that Pankaj has started shooting for the remake of BBC’s international series 'Criminal Justice' speaking about the same an elated Pankaj says, “This is one of the most anticipated projects I’m working on. We’ve just begun shooting and working with Tigmanshu Dhulia. It is turning out to be all that I expected and wished it would. I cannot wait for audiences to see my character.”
The actor is also set to make his Punjabi debut with HARJEETA. The film is a biopic based on the true story of Harjeet Singh, an Indian professional hockey player. Talking about the film, “I am very happy and all excited to be a part of a Punjabi film. When I read the script of the film HARJEETA, I was able to relate myself to the character because I have been a sportsman my entire life. My character in the film is very real and is close to my heart. It is also connected to my roots in Bihar where I belong. The character I am playing belongs to Patna,”ends Pankaj.