Exclusive: Raveena Tandon - I am cautious about my daughters

Exclusive: Raveena Tandon - I am cautious about my daughters news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 18 Apr 2017 10:15:10.8900000 IST

Raveena Tandon, certainly needs no introduction, the mast mast girl is back and how. The actress’ upcoming film MAATR will be hitting the silver screens on April 21.

The film has constantly been under scanner as CBFC hasn’t certified the film yet.

MAATR deals with the most important topic of today’s times that is rape and abuse against women. In the film Raveena plays the lead role of a mother who fights against all odds to seek justice.

In an exclusive conversation with Raveena when asked what intrigued her to take up this projects she said, “I liked the concept of the film, it sheds light on what is happening in society currently, by this film we will reach out to masses and try to make a difference.”

The film deals with a sensitive subject of rape, so when asked if the film is hugely based on famous Nirbhaya rape case to which she opined, “No, but the incident that is shown in the film occurred while the movie was shot. This happened in real.”

As Raveena has a daughter too, so when asked if she is more cautious and has become over protective to which she replied, “Yes, I am a mother and I am concerned about my daughters like every mother is. I would also like to tell this film will make a difference for boys as well.”