EXCLUSIVE: SACHIN: A BILLION DOLLAR DREAMS to be Carnival Cinemas biggest release

EXCLUSIVE: SACHIN: A BILLION DOLLAR DREAMS to be Carnival Cinemas biggest release news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 13 Feb 2017 17:04:26.7030000 IST

Finally the date has arrived when the world will see the making of God of cricket – Sachin Tendulkar on screen. The most awaited docu– feature on cricket’s living legend Sachin Tendulkar is produced by Carnival Motion Pictures and Ravi Bhagchandka (200 Not Out). In an exclusive chat with glamsham.com top honchos of Carnival Cinemas share their biggest distribution plans of the film which will be a game changer in this genre.


Made at a budget of around 30 crores, Carnival has previously produced a few regional movies in Malayalam and is now seeing this biopic as their giant leap as a distributor and a producer.

The multiplex chain that started with a three screen property in Kochi in 2012 is currently the third largest multiplex chain in India after PVR and Inox. Carnival Cinemas CEO and Director, Mr. P. V. Sunil says, “Our core strength is distribution, to get involved in the movie making process is through investment as we don't get involved in the creative process. Like any player in this field, we were also keen to get involved in something on Sachin to be seen on silver screen with the legend itself making his big screen debut. Sachin is Sachin. There is no second thought about it for anyone.”
On being asked on the target number of screens, Mr. Rajesh Nair CEO Carnival Motion Pictures says, “We are planning a huge release and stand by our CEO and Director Mr. P.V. Sunil’s words to make it our biggest distribution game, we will announce the screen count very soon, we want to make sure that the movie reaches to the maximum audience as Sachin is a phenomenon everywhere.”


Explaining further Mr. Sunil adds, “The movie is labeled as a docu –feature but it's more of a feature in a docu -feature. This movie won't be restricted to countries where Indian movies find a release. We at Carnival are taking the biopic to all the cricket playing nations around the globe, the movie will be released in countries like South Africa, Australia where Indian movies don't do much but Sachin is a rage.”

Sounding optimistic on the mammoth reach of brand Sachin, Mr. Sunil further says, “Carnival is also planning to take this movie to renowned festivals like Toronto etc to maximize the buzz for the required echo that will be needed after the movie hits the screens worldwide on 26th of May, 2017.”

Featuring the Legend himself, this movie will see Sachin sharing his personal experiences, and some of his own inputs to make it close to real.

James Erskine, a London-based award-winning writer, director and producer has been roped in to direct the film. He has directed films like ONE NIGHT IN TURIN, BATTLE OF SEXES, and the outstanding documentary on the account of English cricket biggest comeback - FROM THE ASHES.

SACHIN: A BILLION DOLLAR DREAMS will also see many other personalities across the world contributing to the film.

So it’s time to cheer for Sachin again - arguably the world best batsmen alive coming to tell his story to you on screen - 26th of May, 2017.