Exclusive Shibani Kashyap: Richa Chadha is not just an eye candy she stands for causes!

Pop singer Shibani Kashyap has sung some evergreen songs in 90’s like ‘Sajna Aa bhi Ja’, ‘Zinda Hoon Mein’, ‘Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat’ and many more.

And now song-writer Shibani Kashyap, whose latest single is ‘Wanna Be Free’, that was released few days back, is about getting rid of their obsession with technology and social media.

The video stars Richa Chadha, who has penned down the beginning line of the lyrics.

In an exclusive conversation with Shibani Kashyap we asked about the thought and idea behind the song and what made her think about this concept, the changing trend of music scenario, her upcoming projects and how active is she on social media.

“I have come across so many youngsters who are addicted to social media. It has become a craze and obsession with social media. Even I was too much into social media and when I decided to pen the song, I really liked it very much. I feel this should have been done earlier. We should understand that social media should be used in moderation and not too much, it’s like don’t drink and drive. You don’t have to stop drinking but don’t drive while drinking likewise don’t use social media when you are driving.”

In the song's video, Shibani has featured Richa Chadha. She said Richa is one actress from the current generation who has the ability to communicate the message beautifully.

“Richa is a beautiful face and a talented actress. Honestly, I am a fan of Richa and when I shared the concept of the video, she liked it and agreed to collaborate. She narrated the story very nicely in the video, she has also penned the first line of the song and she is also one of those actors who isn’t an eye candy at all. She speaks and talks about various topics.” adds Shibani.

Singers in India are always backstage, their voice is their identity while in Hollywood it’s the other way round, singers like Justien Bieber and Taylor Swift are more popular than actors, to which Shibani said, “ I agree with this if at an airport an actor and singer are , walking, people tend to look at the actor and will mob them, singers nowadays are getting to feature in music videos, even when I was doing ‘Sajna Aa bhi Ja’, I was in the video I like the sudden change in the industry, we are now moving towards a better space.”

As there are so many recreations and remix happening would you also get into remixes or would want to make new songs to which she says, “I feel we should have more original content rather than focusing on recreation, singing covers at times is okay, but we shouldn’t make it a pattern to only recreate songs.”

Talking about her favorite singer she revealed, “ Arijit Singh is my favorite singer and internationally I like John Mayer.”

What next after ‘Wanna be free’, “There is one more song coming up and few playback for films, ” signs off Shibani.