EXCLUSIVE: Shraddha Kapoor can be a rebel in love, confesses the actress

EXCLUSIVE: Shraddha Kapoor can be a rebel in love, confesses the actress news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 03 May 2016 17:17:16.5300000 IST

Shraddha Kapoor is a surprise package. She just proves her talent with every movie and with her latest release BAAGHI too, the actress has shown us a side nobody might have ever expected from the delicate doll. In a conversation, Shraddha revealed about her rebel side, her past, present and future projects and how her fashion label Imara has been a part of her.

Here are the excerpts:



How rebellious were you as a child? The obedient or rebellious one?
I was the obedient child. I would listen to my parents and not do anything to stress them out.

Have you been a rebel in love in real life?
Not yet.

"If there's a film I want to do, I'll call the director up and tell him about it"

But do you think you'll be one of those?
Umm. I don't know. Love can make you do crazy things.

Are you rebellious when it comes to taking career decisions?
Yes I think I'm positively rebellious. If there's a film I want to do, I'll call the director up and tell him about it.



Past, present and the future:

Before entering the industry, did you have some pre-conceived notions that seems to have vanished away?
I always knew it would be hard work. There's not much difference really. I got what I thought of. It was overwhelming to form such a strong connection with the audience. That is something I was very happy about.

From singing in EK VILLAIN to now doing action in BAAGHI, how do you manage to do it so convincingly?
It's the first time I did action. The script was very exciting, lots of rehearsals had to be done. BAAGHI has been a very memorable experience.

After AASHIQUI 2, were you prepared for stardom and post that, did you strategize how to take your steps ahead?
I did try to do different kind of films as much as I could.

Do you think that helped?
I've been very proud to be part of films I've done.

"Really want to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who gives female actors very memorable roles"

Even the ones which flopped in the beginning of your career?
Oh yes. Of course I'm very proud of them.

We've seen you play the urban girl. Would you like to go rural as well?
If an interesting role is offered to me then it will be nice to do that. Absolutely.

What can we look forward from you? What's your dream role like?
Every character I played, had very memorable aspects to them. So that's a very special quality. More than a dream role, I really want to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali because he does give female actors very memorable roles.

Do you also wish to go to the West?
If there's an interesting offer there, then why not?




Has your fashion label Imara given you better idea of the trends that are taking place?
Absolutely. We have a fabulous team of designers to keep up to date with what is in trend and the best thing about the brand is that it's affordable.

"Best thing about Imara is that it’s affordable"

Has it given you a better sense of fashion and made you avoid wardrobe malfunctions?
I try to wear whatever I'm comfortable in. I usually just wear what I'm convinced of wearing. I can wear something which is brought off the street or by a very famous designer and be comfortable in it. My brand is a very close part of me. I really like the sensibility that it's for the independent women.