Exclusive: Shriya Saran talks about not getting offers in Bollywood

Shriya Saran has charmed us with several movies down south and was also seen in various other movies in different languages she has done few item songs while her claim to fame film was DRISHYAM opposite Ajay Devgn and now she will be seen in PHAMOUS.

The actor is now happily married and is wanting to balance between both work and personal life.

In an exclusive conversation with Shriya she spills beans on why she isint getting her due in Bollywood and wants to tell the industry that she is very much loves the industry.

On being asked Shriya why does she stay away from films as we don’t see her doing too many movies to which she said, “it’s not that I am staying away from work, I am not offered roles. I don’t know the reason why. I am not an outsider I have done so many roles in south and also other industries I just don’t understand why somehow I am not offered work here in Bollywood. I would like to do various roles and showcase my skills as an actor but I am still waiting for films.”

Furthermore she also said why she took PHAMOUS, “why shouldn’t I take the film? It’s a nice role there are such proclaimed actors in the film. It’s set in Chambal one story which hasn’t been seen in Bollywood for the longest time.”

Further when asked what makes her stay away from limelight to which she avers, “ I am such a person who doesn’t like to talk about other things or much about my personal life but yes as an actor I would want my work to do the talking.”

Lastly when asked her what are her upcoming projects to which she said, “ There are quite a few ones which I can’t say as of now but yes will announce soon.”

PHAMOUS will hit the screens on June 1,2018