Exclusive: Sonu Sood ‘s this gesture will melt your heart!

Sonu Sood is a multi-talented actor, he has been entertaining us for years and all his films be it South and Bollywood, he has made masses sway with his acting skills, he is one of the fittest actor in Bollywood, and you will surely be inspired by his fitness regime. As he is seen in PALTAN enacting a role for which Indian army would be proud off.Post which he will be seen in Ranveer Singh’s SIMMBA.

In conversation with Ruchita Mishra he spoke in length about his films, how did he prep for PALTAN and more.
Well, Sonu Sood is also one of the coolest and humble actor to interview, as I am short heighted he made me stand on the chair and I am still few inches shorter than him. While the interview was funny and I also enjoyed it.

Excerpts from the interview

How did you research for your role in PALTAN?
So my grandmother was a history professor and she has a wide range of books including History and Literature subjects. When I did my first Tamil film she made me a book named, ‘How to speak Tamil’, When I did JODHAA AKBAR she sent me a book related to moguls. Now when she’s not along my side, I myself search for the books which relate to my upcoming films. Those books always help me to know more about my characters and help me explore them to the fullest. And when you’re working with JP Dutta, where you’ve real guns, ammunition, real army men, you already feel that you’re in a war zone. In this film I’m playing the role of Major Bishen Singh, who was a very brave officer and Chinese used to shiver by just hearing his name. He was titled as Tiger Nathula by his mates. His contribution in the war of 1967 was really vital. It’s because of him and his PALTAN that we successfully retrieved Sikkim from China.

You are one of the fittest actor in B-town how do you maintain your fitness regime?
Right from my college days, my mornings used to begin by going to gym, by doing hardcore workouts. I believe that staying fit don’t have any specific boundaries, apart from doing exercises, the major thing which comes on the way of staying fit is maintaining a proper diet. When we were shooting in Ladakh, there was lack of oxygen but I never felt the need of oxygen cylinder unlike my other co-stars.

KUNG FU YOGA was such an amazing film, but when it comes down to box office numbers, the film didn’t work well; did it affect you as an actor?
KUNG FU YOGA has a combination of Indian actors and Jackie Chan, it was widely noticed in India. In terms of box-office numbers, it was the highest Jackie Chan grosser in overseas market. And for me more than a film, it was a lifetime experience working with a legend we all grew up watching and admiring. As far as box-office numbers are concerned, it’s not just an actor or director who can bring a film to life. There are several people off-camera who work extremely hard like spot-boys, technicians, cameraman, and makeup artists etc. So keeping their efforts in mind and considering an actors handwork, box office numbers do matter to every one of us. But on the same lines, it is something I can give up on. At the end of the day I wish that my viewers and fans are entertained.

Share your experience on working with JP Dutta?
He’s the only person in India to have a war trilogy. Its great working with him as it is he does a lot of homework for us as an actor. I used to talk to him and my half of the work is done already. He has bundles of experience, his thoughts are so deep. So it was a great experience working with him on a war film.

What type of films do you wish to be a part of? What type of scripts excites you?
I have rejected the films of the best of the best directors and filmmakers. The reason is straight and simple, the script didn’t click my mind, and the story didn’t excite me. I can’t be a part of films which doesn’t interests me. So for me the script is the vital thing. While I was hearing the narration of SIMBA, within five minutes of the narration, I knew that this is it. It’s not the actor who chooses a script, it’s the script that chooses an actor.

What is more fulfilling, doing movies down south or hindi movies?
Doing films in Hindi is great as it is I don’t have to take any extra efforts with my language. I’m on the verge to complete 100 films. I’m about to hit a century very soon. PALTAN would be my 96th film approximately. It has been 17 years now, and I still consider myself to be a beginner. The reason is I’m maintaining a good balance with south movies as well as Hindi movies. So I prefer to keep switching between the languages and directors. I enjoy doing both, but the thing why I’d give preference to Hindi films is that I’ve a strong command on the language and that it has a wide reach.

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