EXCLUSIVE: Sumeet Vyas is nowhere close to the role he is portraying in HIGH JACK!

Summet Vyas is one of those who rose to fame with the web series ‘TVF Tripling’. He was also seen in ‘Permanent Roommates’, and did couple of films he will now be seen in HIGH JACK which is a quirky comedy starring Summet, Mantra, Sonnalli Seygall and more.

As the movie’s release date was being pushed back and forth when asked Sumeet was he nervous at any point as the film was in troubled waters to which he said, “Yes I was a bit worried but I am glad the film is releasing now.”

“Talking about the role he said, I am playing something extremely contrast which I am not at all in real life, that’s why I took it as a challenge. He is funny and weird at the same time and overall he is messed, I am not messed up at all.” avers Sumeet.

As the film is clashing with DEADPOOL when asked Summet if that will affect the audience to which he said, “Everything has audience and people will watch both I have seen the first part of DEADPOOL and I will also watch the second part.” ends Sumeet.

HIGH JACK will release on May 18.

A still from HIGH JACK
A still from HIGH JACK