EXCLUSIVE: Sunny Leone spreads 'Lust' in Dubai

EXCLUSIVE: Sunny Leone spreads 'Lust' in Dubai news
Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 17 May 2016 13:30:55.7270000 IST
We know how our hottie Sunny Leone can drive crazy with her sexiness! All this while she lured on-screen with her hot antics! But now the sultry siren will help you smell ‘lustful’. As she is all set to expand her business venture. Along with setting up a production house with her husband Daniel, Sunny has officially launched her own line of fragrances in Dubai.


'Lust' by Sunny leone will be both for men and women as Sunny decided to launch it at the on-going trade event Beauty World Middle East.

Sunny who believes less is more when it comes to perfumes says, “When someone uses too much cologne, it’s off-putting. Everyone has a defining smell and you should try to choose one that suits you the best,”

Feeling extremely delighted, Sunny adds, "This is such a proud moment for Daniel and I.  We all worked so hard to make this from the ground up. So happy that Dubai was the launch place after India as it is one of the greatest places to test your fragrance.”

So all the guys and gals out there if you want to smell good, you know how to achieve that!