Exclusive: Tanaaz, Kishwar and Rakesh Bedi talk about ‘Wrong Number’

Actors being part of play is something very common in theatre, we have seen so many bollywood actors returning to thier first love theatre.
And yet again we have one more theatre group 
Felicity Theatre which boring a play named  ‘Wrong Number’, and is directed by the highly acclaimed film, theatre and television director Raman Kumar. 
Raman Kumar is a well know personality and has been awaeded with the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award for Contribution to Television and the Aashirwad award for the popular TV serial Tara, Director Raman Kumar has directed Bollywood films.
And now he is set to make a mark in theatre with  ‘Wrong Number’ which talks about  time and space along with passion and panic of three married couples in a play of love, laughter and mayhem. This rib tickling comedy with a large dose of bollywood glamour is all set to enthrall audiences for the first time in Mumbai, on Sunday 3rd June 2018, at Rang Shards Auditorium in Bandra.
Talking about the same an elated producer,
Rahul Bhuchar, Producer & MD, Felicity Theatre says: “It gives me great pleasure to present to the world an ensemble cast of veterans from Bollywood and theatre on one stage .Producing ‘Wrong Number’ has truly been a special experience for us and I am sure it will be well appreciated by the discerning audiences in Delhi”.
‘Wrong Number’ follows three married couples whose lives are hopelessly entwined with confusions and suspicions.
The cast includes the veteran actor Rakesh Bedi, Bollywood Actress Tanaaz Irani, Bollywood & Television Actress Delnaaz Irani, Veteran Bollywood,Television& Theatre actor Avtar Gill, Acclaimed Television and Theater actress Kishwar Merchant, Veteran Television and Theatre Actor Rajesh Puri and renowned theatre personality Rahul Bhuchar. 
In conversation with the cast of wrong number as they talk about thier role and If they have come across any wrong number in real life.
Speaking about her role Tanaaz Irani avers, “ well I play Kamini who is a young wife of Rakesh Bedi, she has an affair with Delnaaz’s husband in the play, it’s a bit of a negative role, although in real life Delnaaz is my sister-in-law but in the play I am the other women in her life. It’s a fun play with comedy of errors, I would simply request the audience to simply enjoy the play and not judge me on the role.
Talking about her encounter with wrong number she said, “Just because I am playing the role doesn’t mean I have come across a wrong number it’s just that I am funny and jovial like the role that I am essaying in the play.”
While Kishwar said, “I play the role of a dumb girl, which I am not at all in real life, I am more of a street smart person so to get the knack I had to work a lot mostly to keep the dumb face alive.”
“As far as wrong number is concerned I have heard a lot of instances but never experienced one”, says Kishwar.
Rakesh Bedi said, “I play a married man whose wife is 18 years younger to him, while she married him because no of money and she has an affair with his junior, and how things jumble up is what is the whole story about, in the play I am also forgetful as well.. so this leads to a lot of confusion and chaos.
“Talking about wrong number in real life I feel it’s upon individual and it’s happens with all, once it happened with me and I just the lady that I am actor Rakesh Bedi and she understood”, ends Rakesh.
Here’s wishing the cast of wrong number all the success for thier shows.

Wrong Number star cast

Tanaaz Irani and Rakesh Bedi

Rahul Bhuchar and Delnaaz Irani

Avtar Gill and Kieshwar Merchant